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Sometimes 24 months probation has to do with criminal law. That means a person committed a crime. For the next 24 months he or she must make a probation officer aware of his or her whereabouts 24 hours a day. Also the probation officer may require said person to appear at a certain place within a certain length of time at any moment, day or night during that period. Also if the probationer commits a crime, that person will go to jail and then face a judge.

Other times 24 months probation would have to do with a job. A probational employee is one that can be fired with no answer given. During that time period the boss can simply say, "You are fired." After the probationary period, the person becomes a full time employee.

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Q: What does 24 months probation mean?
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If your probation is revoked for 6 months and you only do 3 months in jail for it does that mean your probation will end 3 months earlier?


What does 6 month probation mean?

It means the person is on probation for a period of 6 months.

Is Paris Hilton still on probation 2010?

I dont think so. I believe she got 36 months probation in January 2007, which would mean it had expired in January 2010.

Can you be charged with 150 months for violating probation and your suspended sentence was 5 months?

Yes. Violating your probation is probably a separate charge.

What is 2 year Suspended sentence with 2 years probation?

2 years probation mean you will have to report to a probation officer weekly for 2 months and if you get clean urines for 2 months you go 2 times a moth and if no problem's occur then you only have to once a month but it you violate probation you will have a warrant issued for your rearrest and when you got to court they will most likely offer you 50% of your suspended sentence and some more probation. the time you receive you will only have to do 50% of so out of 2 years you will only have 6 months after you complete you will be released on ts and placed under paroleuntil your sentence is finished or another six months

What happens when you get a DUI and are on probation for a DUI?

That's a violation of your probation. Most likely 6 months in jail.

When do Kmart employees get there discount?

3 months after their probation

Does probation time stop when a warrant is issued?

If a warrant is issued for a violation of probation then the clock stops until probation is either reinstated or revoked in open court. If it is reinstated the amount of time between the violation and reinstatement will be added to the original probation period. Say you are on probation for 3 years and you are 16 months into your term and you violate the terms and ran for 4 months you would still have the 16 months remaining the 4 months would be what they call "dead time".

What are the release dates for The Probation Wife - 1919?

The Probation Wife - 1919 was released on: USA: 24 May 1919 Portugal: 24 November 1922

How long will you serve for a 4 year sentence for a violation of probation on a non violant felony sentence in Texas?

Between 15-24 months for good behavior, generally 1/3 to 1/2 the sentenced time if its non violant probation violation.

Will a DUI revoke your probation?

Violating the law at all while on probation usually means six months in jail.

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