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There are many categories of jewel movement, for example, 17 jewels, 21 jewels, or 25 jewels. The actual meaning of these numbers is just a representation on the number of rubies used within the mens watches

Tiny synthetic gem crystals are set between many of the gears, in order to reduce friction. These gems resist temperature better than metal, and hold lubricant much longer.

Originally, the natural rubies were used before a major switch to industrial-grade or synthetic rubies for cost efficiency reason. There are two important points about rubies that make them suitable to be used as bearings.

Firstly they are extremely hard (it can be as hard as diamonds) to withstand high frequency of abrasion and wearing. Secondly, its smooth surface is perfect for the various steel components in the watch to operate on with much reduced friction.

With the high load and high speed motions within watches, the two advantages of ruby clearly outweigh any possibility of using steel bushings.

You can actually hear the jewel movement working. The ticking noise of mechanical watches are actually made by two rubies banging into the steel teeth of the escape wheel. You should make sure to have your watch serviced every five years, as the toughness of the rubies can erode the steel if not properly looked after.

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Q: What does 25 jewels in a watch mean?
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Was there a Louis Watch Company that made a watch called 25 Jewels?

It is the Louis Watch Co. from the 1950s that was located on Fifth Ave in NY

What are watch jewels made of?

watch jewl are made from cut up jewels

What are jewels made of?

watch jewl are made from cut up jewels

What are jewels when talking about a watch?

Jewels are typically attached around the frame of the watch, or ocassionally around the band. Such jewels can be cubic zirconia or actual gens such as diamons and opals.

What is the maximum jewels a watch can have?

A very large number, if you include decorative jewels.

What is nineteen jewels on a watch?

The numbers of jewels that are referred to in watch movements all depends on the make and manufacture of the watch. Certain companies like Waltham used extra jewels in the mechanisms of their watches, and 19 was referred to as a 19 jewel movement.

What does 12 jewels on a wrist watch mean?

In a watch, the jewels refer to bearings for the shafts of the various moving parts as well as the escapement. Jewels, as opposed to plain bushings, tend to be harder and lower friction and thus wear far less and also tend to make the watch run better. The 7 jewels is the minimum for a functional jeweled movement, this includes 2 jewels for the balance wheel pivots, and balance wheel pivot caps, one roller jewel and 2 pallet jewels (the roller and pallets are part of the escapement). Higher jewel counts have more of the wheels (gears) in jeweled bearings.

Why does your watch have 21 jewels?

There's a good discussion of jewels in watches here:

Is a watch with a higher number of jewels best?

Not necessarily. The jewels, often rubies, are intended to provide almost frictionless operation of moving parts. Their effectiveness depends on the quality of the jewels as well as the craftmanship with which the moving parts of the watch are manufactured and assembled.

What does the 6104623 mean in a pocket watch j boss 14 kt 25 yr 17 jewels in a keystone watch case face plate white pink yellow and gold name on watch is Owen Jones hoquium wash?

If you give me the number off of the movement not the case i might be able to tell you about what your watch is worth. I will also need the name of the watch you should be able to fine this on the face of the watch or the movement.

How do you identify the number of jewels in a watch?

The number of jewels in a watch refers to the number of individual gears it contains. Other than opening it and counting, you may be able to look up the number by the make and model of the particular watch.

What does jewels mean in watches?

With the arrival of "The General Railroad Timepiece Standards" for a railroad watch in 1893 there was a well established relevance between the number of jewels a pocket watch possesses and its accuracy. Initially the railroad system adopted 17 jewel movements as the "minimum" necessary for the railroad watches of its conductors and engineers. By the early twentieth century many railroad companies specified 19 jewels or more. While there are watches that where made to resemble a railroad watch with less jewels, they were made as cheaper imitations for the general public.You may have noticed that there are tiny red or pink dots at various places on the bridge and pillar plate of your railroad watch. These are the jewels. This diagram illustrates the location of the jewels on a 16 size, 23 jewel Illinois "Bunn Special" railroad watch.

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