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Q: What does 333 mean regarding gold?
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What does 333 stamped in bracelet mean?

Pure gold is 24 karat. If you multiply .333 times 24, it is 8 karat gold.

What does 333 f mean on jewelry?

Whats 333 stamp mean on watches

What does 333 mean in gold?

333 Gold became a Standard in Germany after 1884. It means that the gold is .333 pure. Many Edwardian and Art Deco rings where made with this gold. It doesn't mean it's cheap though. Some of these items can be very expensive depending on who designed the item.

What if your gold bangle is stamped os Gam what does this mean?

Think it is 333 or 8k. Gold,possibly swiss

What does the stamped 333 on gold ring mean?

Stamps on Gold and Platinum Rings The stamp 555 on a ring is 14k Gold The stamp 999 means Gold with Platinum The Stamp 333 on a ring is very Rare and Exclusive, it has different value's - stamped as ; 333 means Platinum. (rear white Gold) stamped as ; 333 , 350 means, Platinum above 10000 years old. stamped as ; 333 , 360 means, Platinum above 20000 years old.

What is the value of 333 gold?

333 gold is commonly found in Germany and contains 33.3% pure gold. 1 gram of 333 gold is currently worth $13.85 / £8.79 / €10.27

What does 333 stand for on jewelry?

333 gold is the equivalent of 9kt. gold stamped mostly inside rings from Europe.

What is 333 mean on German gold?

1/3 of the metal is pure gold. The rest, that is 2/3, is cheaper metal, like silver and copper.

What is 333 gold?

333 gold in W.o.W?Gold 333 is one of the jewels of gold. It can create color white, pale yellow, yellow, pink, orange or red have. It is often sold in Germany. Gold 333 is in addition to the trade names and 333er Gold 333/000 Gold as Au333 or Au 33 is replaced. It is also known as ct gold 8 carat gold 8 or designated 8-carat gold. But gold 333 is not really a real gold. It is namely lack the typical characteristics of this precious metal.Composition of Gold 333With a share of 8-carat gold is only about one third of gold, more units are made of copper and / or silver. In addition there are other alloys such as tin, zinc or nickel. Established is that alloys are usually named after the metal, which is the main component. A 333er gold alloy, for example, 22% copper and silver is rightly provides for a 45% silver alloy containing gold, so no gold.

What does the gold hallmark 333 stand for?

333 parts of 1000 It means the gold content is one third of the total content.

What carat is gold marked 333?

.333 is 8K gold. You can find the corresponding number by dividing the Karat by 24 (pure gold). Ex: 14K divided by 24 = .585 which is also a common mark on 14K gold jewelry.

What does 333 mean on a gold chain?

Hi, just Google this "" identify hallmarks on jewellery..."" will get a heap of information on hallmarks and one of them is this as quoted ""many European countries mark silver and gold with numeric al finess marks in thousandths e.g. 800 830 900 935 (for silver) and 333 500 585 750 875 etc for gold..Hope this helps