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925 is typically the standing stamp on sterling silver jewelry so in this example this would mean the gold is plated on a sterling silver banding and set with diamonds.

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Q: What does 925 OA mean on a gold diamond bracelet?
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What does 925 mean on your gold bracelet?

it means your GOLD bracelet is silver!!

What does 925 14k gold mean?

This would be a Sterling silver ring that is 14 k gold

What does 925 RL mean?

What does 925 Italy RL mean on a gold bracelet?

What does 925 on the back of a yellow gold bracelet mean?

The numbers "925" refer to the percentage of silver in a product: 92.5% pure silver. 925 is the federally required mark for any product made of sterling silver. This means that the bracelet you have that is gold is very likely gold plated, and doesn't have enough gold in it to say so. It is a silver bracelet with a gold plating or vermeil on it.

Is a Ema a real diamond bracelet?

EMA 925

What does 1.3 mean on diamond bracelet also marked 925?

1.3 is the total karat weight of the diamonds in the bracelet. 925 stands fopr 925 parts out of 1000. This is a common inscription for sterling silver as 925 parts of 1000 indicates the silver is sterling quality.

What does a men's Gold Figaro bracelet stamped 925 Italy and H A N mean?

925 silver purity, made in Italy by Han

What does 925 a mean on the back of a bracelet?

The 925 on the back of a bracelet indicates it is silver metal alloy.

What does 925 NO WAX mean on a silver bangle?

i have a bracelet which is stamped 925 on wax, what does this mean

WHAT DOES R 925 china mean on a ring?

it means that the ring/bracelet is gold plated sterling silver.

What does 925 mean on a bracelet?

925 means Sterling Silver or 92.5% Pure Silver.

What does OTC 925 mean on a silver colored bracelet?

925 means that it is made of sterling silver.