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It means it's Sterling Silver (925), and the SUN is the stamp for the manufacturer

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What is Sun meaning stamped in jewelry..Hallmark...

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Q: What does 925 sun mean stamped on a ring?
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What does 10K SUN stamped on the inside of a ring mean?

10K means 10 carat gold.

Are the stones on a 925 sun ring real?

The question is not are they real, but are they genuine. 925 means sterling silver. Whether they are genuine- we can't tell without seeing the ring. Ask a jeweler to look at it.

What does SUN mean in your ring?

Different cultures interpret the meaning of sun in ring differently. It depends on which culture you are talking about.

What does BR sun stamp mean on jewelry?

kind of ring is this

Could 925 sun rings have diamonds on it?


What color is the ring around the sun?

There is no ring around the sun.

What does sun mean on a ring?

In folklore, a ring (often called a halo) seen around the sun or the moon means precipitation (usually rain) is coming. For more details :

When was Ring Around the Sun created?

Ring Around the Sun was created in 1940-03.

What does the ring around a cross mean?

The Christian cross with a ring around it is taken directly from the Pagan symbol of the zodiac. In Paganism the sun is always depicted in the center of the diagram. Hence, the ring represents the sun and the cross itself depicts the divisions of the four seasons.

Why does the sun have a ring around it.?


What is a ring eclipse?

Its when the moon is right in front of the sun but a ring of light from the sun shines through on the edges.

What is the bright ring around the sun?

The bright ring around the sun is called the halo. A halo can be found around any object with light like the moon or sun.

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