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Always And Forever.

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Q: What does AAF mean on dating sites?
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How do men only dating sites work?

I am not sure there are any men only dating sites. IF you mean gay/lesbian dating sites, all major dating websites have this option for you to choose on them.

What does Kirk mean on dating sites?

I'm your Captain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does WM mean on dating sites?

White male

What does gyn mean on dating sites?

i think it means the one

What does aaf mean on a bank account?

AAF - Acting Agent For; e.g. Company A Inc. AAF Company B LLC. This is commonly used for accounts who belong to one company but are being managed by another. They are the 'acting agent' for the company.

What is the meaning of professional dating?

The meaning depends on the context it is used in. Professional dating can mean professionals dating, or it can be the name of some kind of online dating sites.

What is the birth name of Aaf Bouber?

Aaf Bouber's birth name is Hoope, Aaf ten.

What are the most popular on dating sites?

Be more specific on what you mean? The most popular what?

What does the abbreviation false mean on dating sites?

F__king and lesbian sex expected

What does sws on dating sites mean?

it means s*x without strings

What does can accommodate mean on dating sites?

Willing to try new sexual experiences

Where do I learn about online dating?

To learn about online dating, you could use a company like Dating Sites Reviews to learn what dating sites are highest ranking and why, as well as what sites to avoid. Dating Sites Reviews includes actual user reviews of many different dating sites.