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What dose an 6 mean stamped inside a ring

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Q: What does AN 6 mean stamped inside a ring?
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What does 6 A 925 stamped on a silver ring mean?

i am looking for info about 6 A 925 stamped on a silver ring.

What does RJ 6 mean stamped on a ring?

Ring size 6 that's what RJ 6 means.

What does VI mean Stamped on a gold ring?

VI are roman numerals and mean 6 or the sixth.

What does the number '6' stamped on a Korean ring mean?

The number '6' stamped on a Korean ring typically refers to the purity of the metal used in the ring, denoting it as 600 silver. This means that the ring is made of 60% pure silver, with the remaining 40% being alloy metals.

What does 6 mean on a gold ring?

6 is the number of the great Lucifer in christian scriptures.

What do the numbers stamped on a ring mean?

If it's a silver ring, it will have a number like ".925", which indicates it's true sterling silver. If it's some form of gold, it will have a carat number, such as 14k, which indicates what proportion of 24 is gold. 14k indicates the ring is 14/24 gold.

What does ctg mean when stamped on the barrel of a 38 special Smith Wesson 6 shot revolver?

ctg = cartridge

What do the 6 stamped marking on the inside of an Irish ring mean It is hard to read DO initials or 06 second marking round dark marking or head next TT or II then 375 and last marking is P?

I would say the P stands for plated, you probably want to have it tested by someone that buys scrap gold. The reason is that in America that would mean it is 9KT however in America if we saw it say 9KT P that would mean it was 9 KT gold plated, making it pretty much worthless.

What does nvc inside of a ring mean?

I found a unique ring with the markings of 925 NVC 6...925(92.5%) means it is sterling silver and is the purest form of silver typically used in Jewelry making...The only thing I have been able to find on NVC is that there is a Distinctive handcrafted Jewelry designer named Nataliya V Collister...among other things she exclusively uses this type of silver....don't know what the "6" means yet.

What colour is the centre scoring area of a archery target?

The WA ( World Archery Federation, former FITA ) targets are coloured as follows, from the inside out: * 9 ring, 10 ring and inner 10 ring - gold * 7 ring, 8 ring - red * 5 ring, 6 ring - blue * 3 ring, 4 ring - black * 1 ring, 2 ring - white

1992 dodge Dakota 6 cylinder Fuel pressure regulator is stuck and you can't get it out of it's housing?

There is a snap ring around the regulator & you need snap ring pliers to remove it. A rubber "O" ring is used to seal the regulator on the inside of rail & it is a tight fit.

What does FPNS England stamped on silver mean?

I am also wondering what FPNS hallmark stands for. I have that mark on 6 small spoons. Thanks, Garey