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island of pelicans

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What was Alcatraz made into a prison?

English are fun!

What do the people of Alcatraz eat?

Alcatraz has been shut down many years. The prisoners were not fed well if that's what you mean.

What does hit the bricks mean from alcatraz?

Stay Away Or Back Off

How did the alcatraz prison get its name?

The Person who Named Alcatraz was in charge of Alcatraz

Why is Alcatraz famous?

Why is Alcatraz famous?

Who lived on alcatraz?

No! Living on Alcatraz is illegal. No one except the convicts lived on Alcatraz

What happened after the prisoners of alcatraz escaped alcatraz?

The ones that were caught were sent back to Alcatraz.

What does Alcatraz mean in spanish?

Isla de las Alcatraces - Island of the Pelicans

What has happened in Alcatraz?

Alcatraz is being rebuilt

What is the abbreviation for Alcatraz?

The abbreviation for Alcatraz was AZ.

What did Alcatraz do?

Alcatraz was a prison in sanfransisco bay

Is there still sharks in Alcatraz?

No, there are people in Alcatraz.

When was Hitler in Alcatraz?

Hitler was never in Alcatraz.

How old is Alcatraz?

Alcatraz was built on 1853 so Alcatraz would be 157 years old.

Was Alcatraz a prison?

Alcatraz Island had only one facility on it. It was named Alcatraz Prison. Prior to that is was a fortification.

Where can one book an alcatraz tour?

There are many different options available to book a tour of Alcatraz. There is an official Alcatraz website that offer online bookings for Alcatraz Island Tours. One could also try the websites Alcatraz Trips, Alcatraz Cruises, and Trip Advisor.

What did Henry Clay do to get to Alcatraz?

Do you mean Henry Clay Tollett? If so he was a bank robber.

Who designed Alcatraz?

Albert Pujols designed Alcatraz.

What purposes was Alcatraz used for?

Alcatraz was used as a prison.

Is there a Alcatraz game for PC?

Yes there is an Alcatraz PC Download and also a Planet Alcatraz download Windows 7 and Vista have a Prison Tycoon Alcatraz game disc for the PC

How long was Alcatraz a prison?

Alcatraz was a prison for 31 years.

What is the name of the prison off the coast California?

Alcatraz Alcatraz

How did Alcatraz get water?

Believe it or not, A water barge. Alcatraz has no utility's.

Is there an Alcatraz book?

yes it is called alcatraz by linda george

How tall is Alcatraz outer walls?

Alcatraz has no outer walls.