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Q: What does Alfie mean in Greek?
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What is it all about?

Alfie?it is what it is and what is what it is even if it is what , what is and what is what what it is do u no what i mean?

What does alfie mean a?

alfie means a life work it out spilt up the words and put them together it means a life :D Ooh yes !

What nicknames does Alfie Enoch go by?

Alfie Enoch goes by Alfie.

What is the birth name of Alfie Barker?

Alfie Barker's birth name is Alfie Joseph Barker.

What does Alfie behavouir mean?

It means that the person has no problem women meeting, romancing, and seducing women. "A bit of a romeo" also describes the same thing. Comes from the 1965 film Alfie (Jude Law also played Alfie in 2004 in the film of the same name).

What is Alfie from pointlessblog last name?

Alfie Deyes

When was Alfie - song - created?

Alfie - song - was created in 1966.

When was Alfie Darling created?

Alfie Darling was created in 1976.

When did Alfie Moore die?

Alfie Moore died in 1984.

When was Alfie Moore born?

Alfie Moore was born in 1904.

When was Alfie Moon created?

Alfie Moon was created in 2002.

How tall is Alfie Furneaux?

Alfie Furneaux is 5' 11".