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Originally, the tattooing on her left bicep was the name "Billy Bob" (Thornton, her 2nd husband) and a black Tribal Dragon located just below that. Neither of those tattoos can be seen anymore, as both tattoos have been lasered off. Before she got new work in the same space, you used to be able to see faint traces of the original tattoos. What now occupies her left upper arm is a list of the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates for the birthplaces of all her children: adoptees Maddox (Cambodia), Zahara (Ethiopia), and Pax (Vietnam), plus natural-born daughter Shiloh (Namibia), and twins Vivienne and Knox (France). There are six sets of coordinates listed, with the Nice, France numbers duplicated twice (once for each twin). Her left inner forearm features a quote from Tennessee Williams. The line reads "A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages". This tattoo is a coverup for what used to be a tattoo of a Japanese ''kanji for "courage".

'' A large black cross on her left hip. This is a cover-up for a small blue dragon she says she got while drunk in Amsterdam. The Latin quote "Quod me netrit me destruit" ("What nourishes me also destroys me") across her lower stomach. The words "Know Your Rights" just below her neck. A large Asian Tiger, some Borneon-Style Tribal Patterns, a Window Designand another Dragon on her lower back. A Buddhist Thai Prayer for protection. She wanted something in Cambodian Sanskrit so it would relate to her adopted son Maddox. This was also a cover-up for the Japanese kanji for "death". On Angelina's right forearm, she has an Arabic tattoo, which translates to "will (determination)." Supposedly this piece is a '''cover-up tattoo of another piece of ink that she got during her marriage to Thornton. That same arm also features an "H"tattoo she got while dating Timothy Hutton, but says it is for her brother James Haven; and the Roman numeral 13.'''

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Q: What does Angelina Jolies tattoos say?
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