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Anne came to see herself as "two Annes" - the outward one everyone saw: Boisterous, chatty, excitable, somewhat argumentative. The "other" Anne was quiet, reflective, and felt things very deeply. The "other" Anne was also very vulnerable - not in control of the situation, and that is why Anne feared the "other" Anne and let her come to the surface so rarely.

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When Anne Frank mentions that Peter has two Anne's before him, she is referring to herself and her mother. She sees herself as one version of Anne, and her mother as another, and suggests that Peter now has to deal with the combination of the two.

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Q: What does Anne mean when she mentions that Peter has two anne's before him?
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How did Annes father feel about Peter and Annes relationship?

Anne's father was supportive of Anne and Peter's relationship. He believed that it brought happiness and comfort to Anne during their time in hiding.

Which of Annes admirable qualities does Peter wish he had Anne Frank?


Who does peter think is the first rate chap in anne frank?

Annes dad

Was Peter Vann Pels sent to concentration camp?

peter vann pels was a nother Jewish kid. who was hidding with anne and her family.. he was in love with anne and she was in love with him... he was a kind boy.he was annes 2nd love.

What was Annes Full name?

Anne's full name was Anne Frank.

Did all of annes family die after being discovered?

everyone in anne's family died except for the father. and he went on blue peter!!

Who is annes husband?

Queen Anne

How does peter respond to annes speech?

Peter is touched by Anne's speech and expresses his admiration for her bravery and resilience. He acknowledges the challenges they face but also encourages her to stay strong and hopeful for the future. Peter offers comfort and support to Anne during their time in hiding.

Who was Peter in Anne Frank Diary?

Peter van Daan was a boy who shared the annex with Anne Frank and her family during the Holocaust. He and Anne developed a close relationship during their time in hiding, providing each other with companionship and support. Peter's character is deeply explored in Anne's diary, revealing his shy and introspective nature.

What happened to Anne and Peter?

there house was robbed and to get away with it the robber told the green police "if you let me go I'll tell you where some Jews are hiding". the green police took anne's and peter's family to concintration camps and anne died a month before the allies came to rescue the Jews. peter died too of a disese. Mr.frank survived and went back to the hiding spot and found annes diary.

Was Anne education paid?

no annes education was not paided

Is St. Anne's in Cornwall?

St Annes is a suburb of Blackpool in Lancashire.