What does Apollo's chariot represent?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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he represents the gods

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Q: What does Apollo's chariot represent?
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Is griffin faster than Apollos chariot?

No Apollos chariot is faster

What are Apollos symbols?

a silver bow and arrow, the lyre and the golden chariot

What does Apollos sun chariot stand for?

It was used to drag the sun across the sky. (Indicating that Apollo was responsible for keeping the time of day)

How many passenegers can you have on a roller coaster?

Well first of all it depends on what rollerocaster it is (like griffon can hold more than apollos chariot)

What was Apollos job?

He sorted poo why would you put something like that

What were Apollo's special powers?

Apollos powers where prophesy archery the lute and he drove a chariot pulling the sun behind him so he could make the seasons and night and day.

What symbols represent travel?

plane compass wings St. Christopher chariot wheels

What does home represent in swing low sweet chariot?

"Home" is a metaphor for heaven in this African-American spiritual. In the Old Testament of the Judeo-Christian Bible, Elijah was taken home in a chariot.

When was Apollos University created?

Apollos University was created in 2004.

When was Apollos Smith born?

Apollos Smith was born in 1825.

When did Apollos Smith die?

Apollos Smith died in 1912.

Was Apollos a character in the dolphin diaries?

Yes and the name is Apollo not Apollos