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To find his dad, Odysseus.

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What does Athena tell Telemachus in a dream?


Why does Athena not tell telemachus that Odysseus is alive?

She does

Where does Athena tell telemachus to sail to in search of his father?

Athena tells him to go to Nestor and then to go to Menalos

Is Telemachus willing to let Athena help him?

is telemachus willing to let athena help him?why or why not?

Who helped Telemachus on his journey?


Who did Telemachus deceive in The Odyssey?


How do Telemachus treat Athena?


What actions does Athena advise Telemachus to take?

Athena advises Telemachus to leave Ithaca and travel on a journey to find his father, Odysseus

Who persuades Telemachus to search for his father?

Athena is in disguise and persuades telemachus to find his father

He sought his father with the help of Athena?

It was Telemachus

Who helps Telemachus survive the suitors?


Who is Athena disguised as when she appears to Telemachus?


How does Athena help Telemachus?

Athena helps Telemachus by telling him that his father is not dead. She also tells him to seek information about his father from Menelaus and King Nestor.

What gifts did Menelaus and Helen give to Telemachus?

Menelaus gives Telemachus a goblet while Athena gives Telemachus a wedding dress.

Why does Athena recite the story of Agamemnon's homecoming to Telemachus?

To inspire Telemachus to stand up for himself.

What does Athena encourage Telemachus to do?

Athena encourages Telemachus to go on a journey to see if his father Odysseus is still alive and when he finishes this journey to go and kill the suitors.

Judging from how Athena helps Telemachus and Nausicaa what quality does Athena give to people?


Who tells Telemachus that his father is on the island of Calypso?


Which goddess often assists Odysseus and telemachus?


Think about how Athena helped both Telemachus and Nausicaa What quality did Athena bring out in both of them?


What does Athena instruct Odysseus he must tell telemachus?

Athena instructs Odysseus that he must tell Telemachus his story. She said to Odysseus: "High-born son of Laertes, ready Odysseus, tell now your story to your son. Hide it no longer. Then having planned the suitors' death and doom, go forward both of you into the famous city. And I myself will not be far away, for I am eager for the combat."

What assurance does Athena give to telemachus?

That his father is not dead and is in Ithaca

What does Athena warn telemachus about?

The ambush of suitors waiting in Ithaca

What quality did Athena bring out in both Telemachus and nausicaa?


What goddess advises Telemachus to go searching for his father?