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He warns her not to lose her virginity too young

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Q: What does Atticus warn scout to hold and keep from doing?
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What compromise do scput and Atticus reach about school?

That Scout and Atticus would keep reading in the evenings together, but not tell Scout's teacher...

Why is atticus worried about scout learning to keep her head?

Atticus is worried about Scout learning to keep her head because he knows that she will hear a lot of bad things during the trail. Atticus is defending Tom and wants the jury to find him not guilty.

How did Atticus teach his children respect in ''to kill a mockingbird''?

he says to Scout on page 76 "You just hold your head high and keep those fists down".

What compromise do scout and Atticus reach?

she keeps going to school and they keep reading

Why is Atticus worried aobut scout learning to keep her head high in the next few months?

Atticus wants Scout to keep her head in the next few months because she'll be getting a lot of bad attention from the people in town. People will tease her and such because of Atticus' decision to take on the Tom Robinson case and Scout can't lose her temper.

Why does Atticus say Scout is not to mention the compromise they made when she goes to school?

Atticus wants the compromise kept quiet, because he knows that the school would not approve, and wants to keep things quiet for Scout.

After atticus catches the children with the scissors what is jem's reaction what is scout's and why from To Kill a Mockingbird?

He says that he is very happy for them and that they should keep on doing what they're doing but the children doesn't know that he is being sarcastic and secretly hides the scissors.

What bargain does Atticus make with Scout in to kill a mockingbird?

that if she will keep going to school and doing what the teacher tells her (not reading and going ahead of the class), then he will read with her every night as much as she wants

What was the agreement atticus made with scout when he heard that her teacher did not want him to teach her any more reading?

Atticus told Scout that she had to continue to go to school. He told her if that if she went back to school he would keep reading with her at home.

Does Atticus tell jem that bob Ewell kills himself?

This question cannot be answered at all because there isn't a second book. Most likely Atticus did. Scout can't keep her mouth shut to, so Scout probably told Jem.

What happened to scout during the fire?

Scout during the fire was watching Atticus and the neighborhood help Miss Maudie and her house. While she was focused on the neighborhood helping out Boo Radley came out and generously put a brown blanket on her to keep her warm. Scout does not realize that he came out until they go back inside and Atticus asks.

How does Atticus accept Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird?

i think the question is why. The reason why is because Boo Radley is being excepted because he has secretly been doing good deeds to Scout and jEM. Some examples are...when boo covered Scout with a blanket to keep her warm and all of the nice gifts he has been suppling them with

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