What does Auschwitz mean to you?

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To me Auschwitz means a place which becomes a death factory, a process of killing, torture and labour workings. It was a astonishing, unique and torturous place for the people who was forced into suffering from it. I see Auschwitz to be a group of buildings which imflicted torture, pain and suffering inside the buildings.

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Q: What does Auschwitz mean to you?
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What does the name Auschwitz mean?

It doesnt mean anything before it was used by now the only meaning on Auschwitz is "The word Auschwitz comes from a Nazi concentraion camp in the town Auschwitz. ____________ It is just the German version of the Polish name: Oswiechim.

How many people were involved in the Auschwitz war?

With respect, there was no "Auschwitz war", so what do you really mean?

What does auschuiz mean?

If you mean Auschwitz, it's was a conentration camp in Poland.

How many Auschwitz locations were there?

If you mean number of camps then their were 3 main camps called; Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II Birkenau and Auschwitz III Monowitz and their were 45 sub camps, look at related links of what the subcamps were

What is Aiscjwotz in World War 2?

Do you mean Auschwitz??

What do the numbers on the Jew Auschwitz uniform mean?

It was their prisoner number.

What does the famous sign at Auschwitz mean?

The words "Arbeit Macht Frei" at the gate of Auschwitz are generally translated as "Work will set you free".

Was Auschwitz the main camp?

Auschwitz I, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Monowitz were the main camps of Auschwitz

Why did all doctors in Auschwitz go to Auschwitz?

because they were ordered to. This does not mean that they could not have asked for a transfer out, but all of the doctors were in the military and as such they would have been posted.

How many crematoria were in Auschwitz?

There were 5 Crematoria at Auschwitz, 1 in Auschwitz I and 4 in Auschwitz II (Birkenau).

How many people passed through Auschwitz?

An article by Franczisek Piper, head of research at the Auschwitz Museum, published in 1989 gives these estimates:Entered Auschwitz - about 1.3 million.Left Auschwitz alive - about 190,000.This does not, however, mean that 190,000 survived the Holocaust. Many were moved to other camps, where they perished.

What did the sign above Auschwitz concentration camp mean?

"Work makes you free".

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