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Bachelor's of Science.

Undergraduate colleges primarily award two types of degrees- a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts. A BS is the former: a Bachelor of Science degree. Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree programs generally deal with subjects and areas of a more concrete nature, such as chemistry, physics, math, engineering, business, healthcare, computer science, etc. Arts degrees on the other hand, provide a more liberal, general education.

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Bachelor of Science degree.

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Q: What does BS stand for as an academic degree?
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What does the degree bs stand for?

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What does the BS in BS degree stand for?

Bachelor of Science. The full abbreviation is BSc

What is JD and BS?

JD - Juris Doctor (its the degree from law school) BS - Bachelor of Science - its a degree received from a 4-year college. If you are looking at getting a JD, you would need a BS or BA (Bachelor of Arts) first.

What is BS-MET?

In education it may stand for a bachelor in science degree in mechanical engineering technology.

What does BS mean for a degree?

BS stands for bachelor of science degree.

What does AM stand for as an academic degree?

A.M. stands for "artium magister," from the Latin for "master of arts."

Can you go on to a bachelor's degree after an academic degree?

I'm not sure what you mean by, "after an academic degree." A bachelor's degree is an academic degree.

What is BS BA CA CC.?

BS and BA stand for Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree. CA stands for Certificate of Achievement and CC stands for Certificate of Completion.

Does a BAAS Degree does it carry the same weight as a BS and will it allow you to pursue a graduate degree?

They are both equivalent degrees with a slightly different approach, where the BAAS bridges academic and work-life experiences.

What does a LLB stand for as an academic degree?

LLB in an abbreviation of "Bachelor of Laws" from the Latin legum baccalaureus.

What does ms-cs stand for?

Maniacs Systemize Clans. A BadAss Crew That Brings Down Fake Levas && Stupid Lil Hynas. && K.O.E. ! Emm's Up, Kay's Down !MSC is an academic designation, referring to the Masters of Science degree. Another abbreviation of the Masters of Science degree is simply "MS". The MSC degree typically follows the Bachelor of Science degree, abbreviated "BS" or "BSC".

What does DD mean after a name?

It depends on the context... DD could stand for Doctor of Divinity - an academic degree.