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"Put your seat belts." because he is driving crazy fast, then he just laughs.

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Bella tells Edward a fabricated story about kissing a boy in Phoenix to distract him from the fact that he was driving too fast. This story successfully shifts Edward's focus and lightens the tense moment between them.

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Q: What does Bella tell Edward to distract him in the car?
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What does Bella tell Edward to distract him in the car after he saves her from the group of men?

to put his seat belt

What do Edward and Bella argue about when they are in hospital?

Bella wants to know how edward stopped tyler's car 4m squishing her 2 death and edward wont tell her.

What does Bella talk to edward about to keep him calm during the car ride?

Bella tells Edward to buckle his seatbelt in the car.

What car does Bella get in the fourth book?

her after car is a ferrari Edward buys Bella a Ferrari for her "after" car.

What car did Edward give to Bella as her 'after car'?


When does edward tell Bella that he can read minds?

in the movie... at the resteraunt,but in the book i belkive it was either in Edwards car or at the restaurant

What is the car Bella gets after the wedding?

Edward buys Bella a shiny red Ferrari as the 'after car'.

Does Bella find out something in the scene that edward saves Bella from a car?

No but she's suspicious of Edward's strange actions.

What was the first thing edward saved Bella from?

a car

What Ferrari does Edward give Bella in Breaking Dawn?

Bella's 'after car' is a ferrari F430

Did someone tell carlisle and Esme that edward took Bella to school?

no, not really. What's it really matter anyway? Edward's over 100 years old and it's his car.

Did someone tell carlisle and Esme edard drove Bella to school?

Edward probably told them because all the others rode in Rosalie car and you find out later in the book that Carlisle and Esme were enthusiastic about Bella and Edward being together.