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It tells us that Bilbo is becoming too attached to the ring.

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It isn't. However, the ratio of magnetomotive force to magnetic flux will tell you what the reluctance happens to be for that particular ratio, in exactly the same way that resistance isn't dependent on current, but the ratio of voltage to current will tell us what the resistance happens to be for that particular ratio.

If you don't tell us how much the ring WEIGHS, then no one can answer your question. Stupid.

It tells us how long the tree has lived. Each ring represents one growing season, which in most cases is a year.

A 14mm size ring is a US size 3.

They tell us how, when, where.

The Ring was first made in Japana and then remade in the US.

what is the function of a ring clamp

If the ring is 2 cm in diameter, the US ring size is 10 and a quarter. In terms of British and Australian size, it is said to be U.

to tell us what major it is

The thicker the tree ring the more tropical climate they lived in. The thinner the tree ring the colder and drier the climate was. 80,000,000 years ago tropical trees lived in Greenland. This tells us that Greenland was a tropical island 80,000,000 years ago.

If this question correlates to the rings in the olympic flag then the answer is that no ring represents the US. The rings represents continents rather than countries. The american continents are represented by the red ring.

Usually letters like that inside of a ring are makers marks or initials of the people for whom the ring was made. If a mark is right next to a karat mark it could tell us something about the gold itself. A ring marked 10k EPN would mean 1ok gold electroplated to nickel base metal. That item is not real gold.

495 divided by 5 is 99.

In the US if a man is entering into an engagement with a woman it isn't traditional for the man to wear an engagement ring. The woman is typically the one who wears the engagement ring.

The spots on a ladybug tell us how old it is.

they tell us if the substance is stable or not

They can tell us what ancient environments might have been like and They can tell us what our ancestors ate

Samara Morgan is not in The Grudge movies. Samara Morgan is in The Ring movies. And no, she is not real. She is a fictional character.

An excellent place to find rings is on E-bay. In Tucson try

It can tell us whether a star, or a galaxy, is moving towards us or away from us.

Yes you tell him because us guys want to know we would tell you it may not be the way you want us to tell you girls but we do so i think that you should tell us if you like us