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a polliow

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Bill takes a small wooden plaque with the words "Bridge to Terabithia" written on it to remind Jess of Leslie and the special bond they shared.

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Q: What does Bill take with him to remind jess of Leslie?
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UnderstatedThis book lets actions and reactions speak for themselves. Unlike pure Fantasy Books like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, for example, where fantasylands are described in loving and exquisite detail, in this book Terabithia exists only in the characters' minds. We readers can't see Terabithia except as Jess and Leslie perceive it - we have to imagine it along with them. Paterson's understated tone enables us to take part in that transformation along with Jess and Leslie, and to follow along as they create a fantasyland where other people might just see an ordinary patch of forest. Paterson's use of understatement is particularly poignant when bad things happen. There's no need to go into detail about why the bad things are so awful: we, and Jess, already know.

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In "Bridge to Terabithia," the main events in each chapter follow the evolving friendship between Jesse and Leslie, the creation of the imaginative world of Terabithia, overcoming personal challenges, and the tragic event that changes everything. Each chapter delves into their adventures in Terabithia and the impact Leslie has on Jesse's life. The novel culminates in a heartbreaking moment that forces Jesse to confront grief and loss.

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