What does CDA mean in child day care?

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Child Development Associate

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Q: What does CDA mean in child day care?
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What does a child care specialist do?

A child care specialist is a person who works in a child care center. They are also called child care or day care workers.

Is the sentence you take Jackson to happy child day care properly capitalized?

If Happy Child Day Care is thename of the place the n it should be --- Take Jackso n to Happy Child Day Care.

What has the author Flora Stabler Conger written?

Flora Stabler Conger has written: 'Child care aide skills' -- subject(s): Child care, Child development, Day care aides, Day care centers

What has the author Sharon Stephan written?

Sharon Stephan has written: 'Child day care' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Child care, Day care centers

What should be capitalized in this sentence you take Jackson to happy child day care?

It should be--- Take Jackson to Happy Child Day Care.

What has the author William Dreskin written?

William Dreskin has written: 'The day care decision' -- subject(s): Child care services, Child development, Day care centers

Is it important for day care to enforce child safety?

Yes! It is very important for a day care to enforce child safety. Every parent should throughly examine the day care they are considering for their child, before they trust them with their child. I would assume any parent would consider their child's safety important.

You have 50 50 child custody you pay child support and pay for day care costs Can you legally claim child on taxes?

Only if you have the child 51% of the time. In doing the calculation, deduct the time the child is in day care, as the child is not in the care and possession of the parent. see links below

What does custody care and control of minor child mean?

In short sentence it means- that day today care for child is grounded to such a person or person's who is asking for this at the Court. Only Court can decide this. Best of luck x

What has the author Kathleen Gallagher Ross written?

Kathleen Gallagher Ross has written: 'Childcare choices' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, Child care services, Day care centers 'A parents' guide to day care' -- subject(s): Child care, Day care centers

What is school-age child care and day care center?

i relate school-aged child care to be children older than 5 years old. and day care centers to be for children under 5 years old.

Child care workers do on a day to day basis?

they are there to attend the child and apply the basic knowledge that is needed to the child, they also support there values.

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