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What does CH 14K mean on gold?


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I have my Grandmothers necklace it say 14k ch what does that mean? I know gp or p mean gold plate but dont know about this if anyone can help ?


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Jewelry marked with "14K CH gold" should denote pieces that have a 14K gold coating. It is usually put over copper jewelry.

The 14K shows that it is 14 karat gold, meaning it contains 58.5 % pure gold. The CH is probably a makers mark, and could indicate what company made it or even a specific jeweler.

CH 14K MEX probably means 14-karat gold-plated, made in Mexico. The CH could be an abbreviation for "chapa," meaning plate, metal sheet, or veneer.

It means there is a heavy gold coating overlaying the copper. The gold that overlays the copper is of the 14k variety.

What does ALE 14K Gold 925 mean on a bracelet

What does the S.E stand for 14k on gold gold

14k is 14k in gold, f6 is the band size

What does F1/20 mean in 14k gold

the 14k means 14 carats of silver. but i do notno what THL means.sorry it does not mean 14k of silver! 14k WHITE GOLD ...worth more then silver....14k white gold is silver in color...but it is GOLD metal

The "AK" is Turkish for "altın kaplama," which means "gold-plated" in Turkey. 14K gold is 14 karat gold. So the item with the mark "AK 14K" is 14K gold-plated.

14K means 14/24, of 7/12, which is 58% gold. Unplated means that a) the jewelry is not simply plated with the 14K gold, but it is 14K gold through and through, and b) the 14K gold is not plated with anything else.

14k is the purity of the gold. CKG is the manufacturer of the ring

14K GE on a gold necklace means that it is 58.5% gold that is gold electroplating.

"14K G.O." Stands for 14K gold overlay. It is not solid 14K.

A 14K gold shell means that it is not solid gold. It is a lot like plating. Only the outside is gold.

The symbols S51 on a 14k white gold ring illustrate the purity of the gold.

14k is not solid gold because the 14 means it is 14 parts of gold to another metals.

It is most likely that this means that the watch is made of or contains 14k gold.

That is the company or maker. Your ring is gold with the 14k on it.

14k gold hallmarked by the Atlantic Jewelry Company.

It means REAL 14K Gold, 58.3% Solid Gold. GCJ is the manufacturer

14k solid gold made by Imperial Gold in the United States of America.

What does PC mean on a 14k gold ring

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