What does CYA stand for?

Lots AcronymCYACanadian Yellow A**esCYACover Your A**CYACalifornia Youth AuthorityCYACanadian Yachting AssociationCYACover Your A**etsCYACyclosporine A (immunosuppressant)CYACollege Year in Athens (Greece; study abroad program)CYACyanuric AcidCYAChange Your AttitudeCYACy Young Award (ML Baseball Award for Pitching)CYACarry Your A**CYAClassic Yacht AssociationCYACumbria Youth Alliance (UK)CYACover Your Answer(s)CYACall Your AttorneyCYACanadian Youth Assembly (est. 2008)CYAChallenge Your AssumptionsCYACan You ArticulateCYAChristian Youth AssociationCYACommittee of Young Artists (Mississauga Arts Council)CYACompany of Young Artists (Youth Musical Theater Group, Fullerton College, CA)

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