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Q: What does DH stand for in Pinned DH Mountain Bike pedals?
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Where can one buy bike pedals with reflective strips?

Bike pedals with reflective strips can be bought from Amazon's online shop. They offer multiple brands in multiple colors, as well as professional mountain bike pedals.

What do you use mountain bikes for?

you sit on it and push the pedals around in a circle like a rode bike but is off road .

How do you jump on a mountain bike with no ramp?

There are two ways to bunnyhop a bicycle: # Start by pulling a wheelie, then push handlebar forward while simultaneously unloading your feet. That should bring the rear wheel up too. # (works best with clipless pedals) stand up, push down on the pedals to compress the tires. At max compression launch yourself upwards while still holding on to the bike. As the tires bounce back you'll get some help in pulling the bike with you into the air.

Why are bike pedals in the middle of a bike?

so when you peddle you are in line with the peddles

Why are pedals on a bike not in the front of a bike?

Because if you stick the pedals straight to the axle one turn of the pedals only gives you one turn of the wheel, which limits your speed. And it messes with your steering a bit.

What does a bike have that a car or scooter doesn't have?


What do you get when you cross flowers and a bike?

You get pedals!!!! Haha

What are the gears of a mountain bike?

Gears - wherever you find them - is a way of trading strength for speed, or the other way around. On a bike they let you keep pushing the pedals at a comfortable pace and effort uphill as well on the flat.

Who invented the first bike with 12 pedals?

Don't think there's ever been a serially produced bike with 12 pedals. Somewhere, on some occasion, someone has probably put together a 6-seater bike in the in-line, tandem configuration, which would have 12 pedals.

What are differences between a scooter and a bike?

If you are talking about the non-motorised versions.... A bike has a saddle, and pedals, so that the rider can sit on the saddle and use the pedals to move the wheels. The pedals are connected to the wheels using a chain. A scooter doesn't have somewhere to sit, but has a platform for the rider to stand on. There are no pedals. Instead, the rider has to propel himself or herself forward with one of his or her feet, pushing against the ground. The movement is similar to a skateboard, but the rider has handles to assist with steering.

What do bike pedals look like?

Bike pedals have many styles and they can be made of various materials. The can be red or black in color. They can be made of alloy or aluminum. They can be flat or in the shape of a blade.

What is the bike called that you sit back on and it has handles by your waist and the pedals going upward?

the recliner bike