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In the metric system.. Dag means dekagram

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A dag is the symbol for the obsolete unit decagram equaling 10 grams. It is no longer in general use.

In the metric system, DM mean decimeter.

dag is: * the da prefix (which is deca-); to * the unit g (which is gram); meaning dag is decagrams deca- prefix means 10, thus 1 dag = 10 g

There is no pt in the metric system. In the Imperial system, it stands for pint.

Kilometres. What does JHC stand for?

The word DAM in the metric system is dakameter! Hope this helps!

In the metric system, mA stands for milliAmpere, 1/1000 of an Ampere.

A dag is a dekagram which is a metric unit of mass or weight, equal to 10 grams or 0.35274 ounces.

International System. (in French in the original.) a.k.a. the metric system.

IPK stands for international prototype kilogram.

Hectometers, or 100 meters. Hope this helped!

It stands for "Systeme Internationale d'Unites." That is French for the International System of Units.

kilo is a prefix that stands for 1,000 in the metric system. In the metric system it can also mean either kilometer, or kilogram. Depending on if the abreviation is 'km' or 'kg'

The metric system is called "the metric system"

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