What does EP and promo mean on a CD or vinyl record?

Here are answers and opinions from WikiAnswers Contributors: * If I am not mistaken, EP means extended play on vinyls and promo means promotional copy on both. * EP when referring to a Compact Disc is usually a five songs or less demo type of thing. Not sure how it ended up being EP, when you have "extended play," but I think it was something back in the LP vinyl days, when a song was too long to be a single but too short to be an LP, LP being what they call an entire album. So, an EP promo is exactly that - a band recorded some songs that are probably their strongest material, released them as a demo (PROMOtional) to get somebody interested. Some of these may also say "for promotional use only" and are meant for radio stations, producers, etc, and not the general public. Here is a good article which breaks down how a band should choose between a Demo, EP, or Album for their release: