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Q: What does Ellos están regulares mean in spanish?
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What does ellos comen mean in spanish?

"Ellos comen" in Spanish means "they eat" in English.

What does Ellos tienen mean in spanish?

it means they have

What does 'ellos' mean in Spanish?

"Ellos" means "they" in Spanish, referring to a group of people who are male or a mixed group of males and females.

What does dicen mean in English?

it means to say in ellas/ellos form in spanish

How do you say where do they live in Spanish?

Donde viven (ellos)? ('The 'ellos' means 'they', but is unnecessary if the context makes it clear that you mean 'they'. Otherwise 'donde viven?' could mean 'Where do you (polite) live?'

What does casaron mean in spanish?

You generally wouldn't see "casaron" by itself in Spanish. "Ellos se casaron" means "they got married."

What does elles mean in spanish?

You meant: Ellos - They, masc. Ellas - they, fem. Elle --- digraph "ll" in Spanish. 'elles' is French for 'they' (feminine plural)

What does joder ellos odian mean?

"Joder ellos odian" is a phrase in Spanish that translates to "fucking they hate" in English. It is commonly used to express frustration or annoyance about someone hating something.

What does amor ellos mean in English?

They are just two juxtaposed Spanish words (love [the noun] they [the pronoun]). It doesn't mean anything in Spanish, so it's no surprise that it doesn't mean anything in English either.

What does quienes son mean in spanish?

"Quienes son ellos" means who are they (masculine).

What does ellos quieren comer el almuerzo ellos mean?

It means "They want to have lunch" but it would be more correct to say "Ellos quieren almorzar"

What does the spanish word dan mean?

Dan is a conjugated form of the word dar. It means to give. This conjugation is used to talk about, "them". Ellos dan. They give.