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She is fairly low maintenance in terms of her hair, aside from dying/highlighting it many shades later from her natural medium-dark brown colour to blonde. Currently, she has it fairly short, and doesn't do much to it in terms of styling in her day-to-day life.

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Does Emma Watson have armpit hair?


Who is better selena gomez or Emma Watson?

definetly emma watson. although her hair cut's hideous :)

Did Emma Watson have strait or curly hair?

She has curly hair

Has Emma Watson cut her hair?

yes, she has.

Does Emma Watson have curly hair?

Yes, she has wavy, if not curly hair.

Why did Emma Watson cut her hair short?

emma wanted to try a new style

Does Emma Watson have a pixie cut?

sadly she does. i was a huge Emma Watson fan, and then it kinda dropped when she got that cut. i loved her long hair!

When did Emma Watson cut her hair?

August 5, 2010

How do you do your hair like Emma Watson?

Her natural hair color is Dark Blonde and her hair is naturally straight.

Who is hotter Emma Roberts or Emma Watson?

Emma Watson

Did Emma Watson shve her head?

she has shaved most of her hair of yes.

Does Emma Watson have Facebook?

Yes, Emma Watson does have facebook, but be careful of all the Emma Watson imposters.

When did Emma Watson cut her hair off?

like after she was done with harry potter

What is Emma Watson true color of her hair?

It's naturally dark brown.

What hairstyle does Emma Watson have in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

She has Wavy hair

Alex Watson brother of Emma Watson?

yes he is the brother of emma watson

What is Emma Watson full name?

Emma Watson's full name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson.

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Emma Watson is much prettier but Emma roberts is still prettier but alot of people prefer Emma Watson these questions are ridiculous legit who would prefer emma roberts over Emma Watson

Where can you meet Emma Watson?

Emma Watson lives in the UK.

Who has Emma Watson loved?

Only Emma Watson knows that.

Where is Emma Watson born?

Emma Watson was born in France.

Does Emma Watson have ADHD?

Yes, Emma Watson has ADHD.

Who is hotter Jennette mccurdy or Emma Watson?

Emma watson

Who is prettier hailee steinfeld or Emma Watson?

Emma Watson.

Who is prettier Emma Watson or Taylor Swift?

Emma Watson.