What does FFM mean in hooker terminology?

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2016-11-02 11:22:52

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Q: What does FFM mean in hooker terminology?
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What does O or A level mean in hooker terminology?

it means anal :)

What does ws and a mean in hooker terminology?

Perhaps Web Service ?

What does Everything open mean in hooker terminology?

"Everything open" in the context of hooker terminology would mean, everything is open to negotiation. In other words if you have some particularly unusual request, it will be considered, and may cost more.

What does ffm mean in Tap Tap Revenge?

It's an app ;)

What does a round the world mean in hooker terminology?

An alternative sexual practice not involving the usual body parts. And that's as tastefully as I can explain this on this site

What does q v mean in hooker terminology?

It's short for a Quick Visit: a quickie. Let's just say that while your average hooker sessions may be 30 minutes, maybe an hour, the QV is more like 15 minutes.

Does Munro Chambers have a FFM?

Yes he does

What is cim mean in sex?

CIM is terminology used on hooker website. It actually means Come In Mouth. So it relates to having oral sex/BJ where the hooker/person will perform fellatio without a condom and she is said to allow CIM - come In Mouth.

How do you unlock ffm if you forgot your password?

You can't, your screwed

What does work the corners mean?

it refers to a person who is a hooker

What are some things that the acronym FFM might stand for?

The acronym "FFM" can stand for a variety of things, such as: Fuel Flow Monitor, Food For Medicine, and Field Force Management. However, the acronym "FFM" is commonly used to refer to the "Five Factor Model", which is directly related to the five distinct personality types.

What does the medical terminology cyto mean?

It is the suffix for Cell in medical terminology.

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