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Chaussure de football.

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Q: What does Football Boot mean in French?
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What is the best football boot ever?

I believe nike boots are the best football boot ever.

How do you write an essay about autobiography of a football boot?

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What does the word foot mean in french?

foot refers to "football" in french (both words are used)

What does football pitch mean in french?

un terrain de foot

What does PSG the french football team mean?

Paris Saint-Germain.

You play for a football team in french?

You play for a football team. -- Tu joues (Vous jouez) pour une équipe de foot. -- "tew zhoo (voo zhway) poor ewn ay-keep duh foot" (the French "foot" rhymes with the English "boot")

How do you say he likes to play football in french?

He likes to play football. -- Il aime jouer au foot. -- "eel em zhway oh foot" (where "foot" rhymes with "boot")

What does it mean to have sport?

In French, "jouer" is the -ER verb for "to play." ex- Je joue au football.(I play football.)

What does le football mean in English?

it means I LIKE FOOTBALL in french language

Which football boot does Thierry Henry play in?


What are the elements in a football boot?

A pansy with a stupid haircut

Who made kapa?

who amde kapa football boot