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GmbH is a German acronym standing for Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung which translates literally to 'company with limited liability'. GmbH, when written after a German company name, designates a privately held company.

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Q: What does GMBH stand for in German?
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What does Rg stand for on a Rg 22 firearm?

"Rohm Gmbh" which essentially is Rohm Ltd. in German.

When was German Sport Guns GmbH created?

German Sport Guns GmbH was created in 2002.

What car uses an MM logo?

That is Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH, german made automobile

When was Indramat GmbH founded?

Indramat GmbH, an industrial automation and control firm, was founded in 1958 in Rhein, Germany. The name is a German abbreviation for Association for Industrialization, Rationalization and Automation.

What is the business area of the company Contacto Bander GmbH?

The company Contacto Bander GmbH is a German company that produces kitchen equipment such as utensils and pots. They are located in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

What does beamer stand for?

It's a car. BMW, Bavarian Motor Works, in English. Bayerische Motor Werke GMBH in German. Beamer - hardware, jargon A video projector that can be connected to a computer instead of, or as well as, a monitor, and used for making presentations.

What kind of gun is name six hour?

SIG Sauer from German J. P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH

What type of business is OnVista?

OnVista AG is a group of German financial companies based in Cologne. It includes OnVista Media GmbH and OnVista Bank GmbH. OnVista was founded in 1998. OnVista Bank has its headquarters in Frankfurt.

Who manufactures the walther ppk?

The Walther PPK pistol is manufactured by German small arms maker Carl Walther GmbH.

What does Senkrecht IT Beratung mean you think it is German?

Senkrecht IT Beratung GmbH is a German IT Consulting Company from Cologne, Senkrecht means vertical and IT Beratung stands for IT Consulting. There is a link to their website below.

When was Altendorf GmbH created?

Altendorf GmbH was created in 1906.

What is Mahle GmbH's population?

Mahle GmbH's population is 47,457.