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What does GOP stand for in terms of the Republican Party?

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"GOP" stands for "Grand Old Party," the nickname of the Republican party. According to the GOP website, "GOP" originally stood for "Gallant Old Party."

The first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln. After the Civil War, the upstart Republicans were perceived as the party that won the war. The Republicans who were firmly fixed into the Federal Government were ironically dubbed the "Gallant Old Party," which soon became known as the "Grand Old Party," which was then shortened to the "GOP."

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What does GOP stand for in terms of Democratic Party?

Although GOP does stand for Grand Old Party, it only refers to the Republican Party not the Democratic Party.

GOP stand for what in the political party?

GOP, Grand Old Party, is used by the Republican Party.

What does GOP stand for and what party does it represent?

GOP stands for "Grand Old Party." It represents the Republican Party.

What is an fact about the Republican Party?

The republican party is also called the GOP (Grand Old Party)

What party is Gop a nickname for?

GOP (Grand Old Party) Republican. Wrong. gop.com says that is wrong.

What is GOP in reference to Republicans?

GOP as an acronym for "Grand Old Party", another name for the Republican Party.

What does GOP mean?

GOP means the "Grand Old Party" or as almost everyone calls it the "Republican Party"

What is a gop president?

A GOP President is a President from the Republican Party, also referred to as the Grand Old Party.

What means GOP?

Grand Old Party, or the republican party

What party is conservative?

In the US, the GOP (Grand Old Party) or Republican Party.

What is the Republican Party symbol?

The elephant is the symbol of the GOP.

What are facts about the Republican Party?

It is also called GOP (Grand Old Party).

What the abbreviation of gop stands for?

Grand Old Party, a reference to the Republican Party

Why is Republican Party known as the GOP?

The Republican party was only called the G.O.P. in 1875, it stood for Gallant Old Party, then in 1876 The term Grand Old Party was used. why these terms were used is uncertain, except that they are the better party so they are the Gallant and the Grand. Well, now in November of 2010 the G.O.P should stand for Government Of People.

What is another word for conservative?

republican. another name for the republican party is GOP which stands for "Grand Old Party"

Is the g o p republican or democrat?

The GOP (Grand Old Party) is another name for the Republican party.

What platform did Nixon run on in 1968?

GOP - the republican party.

Is the Republican Party racist?

The Republican party became the party of racists after GOP president Richard Nixon created the Southern strategy.

Does America have an elephant as a symbol?

No, the Republican Political party does. The Republican Political party is also called the Grand Old Party or GOP.

What's the nickname of the Republican Party in America?

They are called the "Grand Old Party" or GOP.

What is the gop of the US?

G.O.P. (Grand Old Party) refers to the Republican political party.

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