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Gold Plated

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Q: What does GP mean when it's stamped on a 24K GP necklace?
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What does GP stand for on a 24K necklace?

Gold Plated

What does 18k GP mean when stamped on a neckless?

it means gold plated

If the jewelry is stamped 14k GP what that mean?

it means 14 karat gold plated

What Does 14K GU mean stamped on a piece of Jewelry?

14K GP means fourteen karat -- gold plated.

What does CH 14K mean on gold?

I have my Grandmothers necklace it say 14k ch what does that mean? I know gp or p mean gold plate but dont know about this if anyone can help ?

What does gp mean in basketball?

GP = Gary Payton! :-)

What is the lowest GP you can have to get into Harvard university?

Did you mean GP or Net Worth?

What is 18K GP stamped on jewelry means?

18k gold plate (a thin layer) often over silver.

What does the baseball statistic GP mean?

In baseball GP stands for Games Played.

What does GP mean?

GP: All ages Admitted. Parental Guidance Suggested.

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Do you mean what does it mean, acording to me, There is no GP rating anymore, it is not used anymore, besides it mean General Patronage.

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Gold Peak

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Games Played

What does GP mean in softball?

Games Played

Is 24K GP worth anything?

24 Kt GP means that is gold plated. The min amount of gold is 10 mils by definition. That is the JFC requirement. It could be more but not usually. This is the plating that you see on costume jewelry. Bottom line is the gold value is worthless.

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"GP" refers to the game's currency -- "gold", "coins", "money", etc -- GP simply means either gold points or pennies.

Your ring is stamped PLAT what does that mean?

preciouse mettal over base metal, platted WRONG!!! ..... It MEANS PLATINUM.....NOT platted metal!!!!

What does GP mean in hockey?

It stands for games played.

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Go and see your GP.

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what does GP mean on bank statement

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What does 925 gp mean?

It is Gold Plated sterling silver

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It means Games Played.