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Gandalf is worried that Smaug may become an ally to the newly returned Sauron.

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Why did gandalf visit Bilbo Baggins?

I think Gandalf came to Bilbo to either get a 14 man. (Another reply) Gandalf was helping the dwarves, and he believed that Bilbo could help. However, his help to the dwarves was secondary to his main mission: to get information about Sauron. Sauron is mentioned in the Hobbit, as the Necromancer; in the Lord of the Rings, Gandalf confirms that the "Necromancer" was no other than the old enemy, Sauron.

What makes Bilbo go with the dwarves?

in the hobbit Gandalf basically pushes him out the door without him really knowing about the whole misson laid out in font of him. all he knows is that gandalf has told the dwarves he is a silent burglar and is perfect for the mission. Bilbo wakes up the next day and is told hes late and is pushed out the door with some haste by Gandalf. since hobbits are humble and don't look for conflict Bilbo simply goes along with it.

Who is Gandalf in 'The Hobbit'?

Gandalf is a wizard that pulls Bilbo out of his house and sets him on a mission.

Why does Bilbo not tell his friends about the magic ring?

Bilbo was recruited by Gandalf to join the dwarves' mission as a master thief. Bilbo does not tell his friends about the magic ring because he wants to earn their respect as a thief. Alternatively, it could be the ring's power already beginning to assert its influence over Biblo. In the end, however, Bilbo does tell the dwarves about the ring and that it has the ability to make him invisible, which was what enabled him to escape Gollum, the goblins, and to sneak into the dwarves' camp while Balin was on watch.

In The Hobbit do you think Bilbo should have gone on the mission alone?

First off, I'm assuming that by "mission, "you are referring to the Quest of Erebor as a whole, and not a specific part of it. Well, since Bilbo had no prior knowledge of anything outside the Shire before Gandalf and 13 dwarves burst into Bag End, he would probably have lived out his days comfortably and unexcitedly in his smial, and never had to worry about a dragon. As it was, Bilbo was essentially drafted into the pary and hustled out the door (without a pocket handkerchief, no less!) by Gandalf, with little say in the matter. So, no. Bilbo could and should not have gone on the mission alone, because he would not have known it existed.

Who would win Gandalf or Dumbledore?

Probably Gandalf because of wisdom. And Dumbledore doesn't have it in him to kill whereas Gandalf does it on a regular basis + he has a sword :)Gandalf is a Maia, a minor god or angel. He is naturally incorporeal, but can take on any form. He and a few others have been sent on a mission to help the peoples of Middle-earth against Sauron, a mission for which they have been clothed and bound in the form of old men; they are called the Istari, and mortals have called them "wizards". In Tolkien's world, "generic fantasy wizards" with spells, and magic tomes and potions do not exist. -- Dumbledore is a human and a "generic fantasy wizard", so they are completely different creatures in worlds with a different concept of power and magic, so they are not comparable....But if you absolutely had to put them in a fight with lethal intention, Gandalf would be vastly more powerful. And if you put Dumbledore against Gandalf in his limited "Gandalf the Grey" form, and Dumbledore could somehow kill that body, that would just set the Maia Gandalf free to use all of his power and knowledge again.Gandalf would win, he's immortal. Unlike Gandalf, Dumbledore can be killed.DumbledoreAlthough i do believe that Gandalf would kick ass, he isn't necessarily invincible, he can only be sent back ( like in lotr ) if his mission was to kill or stop Dumbledore. If it wasn't his mission he wouldn't be sent back, so Dumbledore could conceivably overcome his Gandalf the Grey form.PS--both being loving and caring characters if fantastic timeless fantasy works, they would not fight each other, but discuss wizard theories and contemplate elf lore!

Why is it necessary to have a water source in a mission?

It is necessary to have a water source in a mission because people needed water to survive.

Why is Gandalf nice to the dwarves and Bilbo?

Why shouldn't he be?Gandalf and the rest of the Wizards were sent from the Far West on order of the Valar to assist Elves, Men, Dwarves, Hobbits, Ents, etc. in fighting Sauron. The only Wizard to fail in this mission was Saruman. He would be required to be nice to them as part of his task.---And specifically he felt the need to do something about Smaug.I would not use the words nice or required. He was there to help but was able to determine what that meant himself. As noted above Saruman was able to make his own decisions, as was Radagast. The two 'blue' wizards disappeared into eastern middle-earth. All helped in the ways they saw fit.

Why are Sisters necessary for the mission of the Catholic Church?

Roman Catholic AnswerReligious sister are not "necessary" for the mission of the Church, as in "it could not be accomplished without them".

Where was Gandalf while the expedition crossed Mirkwood?

He was on another mission with some other wizards.... mainly to drive out the necromancer.He was on another mission with some other wizards.... mainly to drive out the necromancer.

What Creature is Gandalf?

Gandalf is a Maia, kind of an angelic spirit. He, naturally incorporeal, has been clothed in the shape of an old man for his mission to Middle-earth. Four other Maia in the shape of old men were sent to Middle Earth as well to help the Free Peoples resist Sauron. They were known as Istari or Wizards. Of the five only Gandalf, Saruman and Radagast are named. Only the fate of Gandalf and Saruman is told.

Why wouldn't Thorin tell the Elven King what his real mission was?

The wood elves, like the dwarves, have a soft spot for treasure.

What is it called to cancel a space mission?

When you cancel a space mission it's called aborting the mission. It is necessary if a shuttle dysfunction is suspected.

Who is Gandalf the gray?

---- Gandalf is a character from J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth stories. He is a Maia, a minor god or angel. In the Third Age, he and a few others like him were sent on a mission to help the peoples of Middle-earth against Sauron. For this mission they have been given the shape of old men. In Middle-earth this group is known as the Istari, and mortals have called them "wizards". ---- One of the wizards from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. He is the one who sets them on their quest and protects them along the way. He first appears in the Hobbit, leading the dwarves to Bilbo's door and coaxes Billbo to leave the shire to help free the lonely mountain from the dragon. In the LOTR series he sacrifices his life while fighting the Balrog in the Mines but is sent back in the second novel as Gandalf The White. Gandalf represents the good magic used to help others while Sauromon, his old friend and ally is the embodiment of evil magic used for selfish goals. It is said that Gandalf was a kind of angel, he is a member of the council and if things had have gone as planned he would have headed the council. ----Gandalf is not a mortal, nor a human, nor a "wizard" of the generic fantasy spellcasting type. (In Tolkien's world, "generic fantasy wizards" with spells, and magic tomes and potions do not exist.)Gandalf is a Maia, a minor god or angel, created before the creation of the phsical world. He is naturally incorporeal, but can take on any form. He and a few others have been sent on a mission to help the peoples of Middle-earth against Sauron, a mission for which they have been clothed and bound in the form of old men; they are called the Istari, and mortals have called them "wizards".Gandalf, in his current form of an old man, arrived in Middle-earth in the 11th century T.A. The physical body he has been clothed in limits him, his power and knowledge, but it does not really age. How we get to see him in the LotR has been his appearance for the past two thousand years.Gandalf Greyhame is the wizard who later in The Two Towers becomes Gandalf the White. He is a friend of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins.

How is Gandalf the white in lord of the rings a christ figure?

Gandalf gathered the party and gave them their mission. He died to save them, and fell into the depths of Moria. He came back to life as a Maia, which was an angelic type creature in human form. He reappeared through the story when the party was in their greatest times of need.

What was Jesus's mission in life?

I believe Jesus mission in life was to teach us how to live and die.

What mission number is Three Leaf Clover in GTA IV?

I believe this is Mission Number 51.

What is Wendy's mission statement?

Wendy's Mission Statement:Wendy's provides its employees with "What We Believe" guidelines, which serve as both an internal mission statement and an external customer service goal. For those that put on the Wendy's nametag, this is "What We Believe":

What is the mission of a prophet?

the mission of the prophets is to spread the word of the Lord & attract more people to believe in God

How did Jesus confront his sufferings?

According to the Gospels he accepted it as a necessary part of his mission.

Why has Gandalf decided on the use of a burglar in the plan?

Gandolf decided that a burglar would be a better choice because of the danger of the mission. It was to dangerous to take the dragon on head on so he resulted to burglary.

What is HOSA's mission statement?

The hearts that believe and the hands that achieve

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