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German occupation refers to German armies being located in and controlling a piece of territory that was not previously a part of Germany.

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Q: What does German OCCUPATION MEAN?
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What is the German occupation?


When did Occupation of Estonia by the German Empire happen?

Occupation of Estonia by the German Empire happened in 1918.

What was the German code name for the occupation of the Rhineland?

The German codename for the occupation of the Rhineland was "Operation Winter Excercise" .

What year did the German occupation start?

The German occupation of several European countries during World War II started in 1939 with the invasion of Poland.

What does occupaton mean?

cheese and crackers

What does the German word meier mean?

In German, "Meier" is a surname that originated from the occupation of a steward or bailiff. It can also refer to a type of rural farm manager or a landlord in historical contexts.

When did Paris fall to the German occupation?


When did German occupation of Luxembourg in World War II happen?

German occupation of Luxembourg in World War II happened on 1940-05-10.

Who occupied German Samoa?

Occupation of German Samoa happened on 1914-08-30.

What happened during the German occupation?

The Germans occupied.

The German occupation of Alsace and Lorraine led to?


How many German soldiers came to Jersey in the occupation?