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What does Greece import and export?

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Feta cheese, olives, olive oil, Greek herbs, telecommunications hardware and software, pottery, textiles, tobacco, fruit, vegetables, clothing, alcoholic drinks/beverages

top 10 export to usa 2008

  • Oilfield and drilling equipment … US$227.4 million, down 14.9% from 2007 (22.8% of US imports from Greece)
  • Other petroleum products … $98.8 million, down 12.6% (9.9%)
  • Vegetables and preparations … $96.6 million, down 0.2% (9.7%)
  • Writing and art supplies … $58.1 million, down 25.8% (5.8%)
  • Aluminum … $41.9 million, down 24.5% (4.2%)
  • Dairy products and eggs … $35.4 million, down 31.1% (3.5%) 55.9
  • Stone, sand, cement and lime … $34.8 million, down 43.1% (3.5%)
  • Other tobacco, waxes and non-food oils … $32.2 million, up 3.7% (3.2%)
  • Telecommunications equipment … $23.6 million, up 63.7% (2.4%)
  • Toiletries and cosmetics … $22.4 million, up 86.5% (2.2%).

top 10 imports from usa

  • Fuel oil … US$227.6 million, up 10,139% (11.8% of US exports to Greece)
  • Civilian aircraft … $192.3 million, up 151.3% (10%)
  • Parts for military-type goods … $141.1 million, down 5.2% (7.3%)
  • Steelmaking materials … $116.5 million, up 22.1% (6%)
  • Medicinal equipment … $95.7 million, up 6.2% (5%)
  • Pleasure boats and motors … $70.1 million, up 39.3% (3.6%)
  • Industrial engines … $61 million, up 559.1% (3.2%)
  • Passenger cars … $60.9 million, down 36.9% (3.2%)
  • Other petroleum products … $51.9 million, up 87.7% (2.7%)
  • Nuts … $51.7 million, down 16.6% (2.7%).
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