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What does HA Mean?

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It means "Humor and Amusement" It means Hello, hey, or hola. In Hawaiian it means "Breath of Life"

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What does ha ha mean?

ha ha means to laugh or brag

What does Kianna mean?

ME!!! muah ha ha ha! :)

What does Viva la Venus mean?

Eat my crap. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA where"d you hear it?

Will an increase in population mean you will run out of food and water?

ha ha ha ha

What does COT mean?

cot means your stupid ha ha ha

What does uckfay ouyay mean?

Ha ha ha very funny :/

What does har har har mean?

It means ha ha ha!

What is the full form of resort?

Idk wat the f*k u mean ha ha ha ha ha ha

What does 'brew-ha-ha' mean?

it means that men can have their fun also

What does starter mean in badminton?

it means they start the game off. ha ha ha ha bum

What is relationship officer?

It is an officer that handles relationships because I am one. happy matriculating if you don't know what that mean look it up! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What does jaja mean in texting?

"Ha ha".. as in laughter.

What does autocrytology mean?

yo mama ha ha

What does the name ha eun mean?

ha eun

Jajajaja estas enamorado mean in English?

Ha ha ha, you're in love.

What does lol mean in china?

In Chinese, it means "big laugh" or ( ha ha ha)

What is a full sore mean?

NOTHIN :D ( Jk ) Ha Ha Ha Ha No It kinda meens lyke its infected

What does 'ha' mean in Hebrew?

Prefix meaning "the"

What does nada ja ja mean?

"Nothing. Ha, ha."

What does Jaja que linda mean?

"Ha ha, how pretty!"

What does pudlle mean on sims 2to get pregnant?

not lol lol lol ha ha ha ----

What rhymes with res ha?

Do you mean "resha"? "Res ha" doesn't seem to mean anything, but "resha" does.

What does me ha mean in spanish?

me means meha means has/haveExample:Él me ha pateadoHe has kicked me

What do you mean by value education?

your head my foot. ha ah ha...

What does jaja si grasias mean?

Ha ha - yes, thank you.

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