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FIRST of all it is a VERY dirty word, Verb to be exact, referring to torture and something else I do NOT care to mention. Second, WHERE DID YOU HEAR IT?!?!?!?!?!?

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Q: What does Helg mean in Swedish?
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What language is trevlig helg?


How do you say have a fun weekend in swedish?

"Ha en rolig helg!"

When was Simon Helg born?

Simon Helg was born on 1990-04-10.

How do you say Have a great weekend too baby in Swedish?

'Have a great week' translates to 'Ha en trevlig vecka' or 'Ha en stor vecka' in Swedish.

What does am mean Swedish?

"Am" as in "I am" is "är" in Swedish.

What does du mean in Swedish?

Du means you in Swedish.

What does har mean in Swedish?

Har means has in Swedish.

What does herr mean in Swedish?

It means Mr in Swedish.

What does Camilla mean in Swedish?

Camilla doesn't mean anything in Swedish, it's just a name (for women). It's not of Swedish origin.

What has the author Lukas Helg written?

Lukas Helg has written: 'Die neue Musikbibliothek des Klosters Einsiedeln' -- subject(s): Kloster Einsiedeln, Kloster Einsiedeln. Musikbibliothek, Monastic libraries, Music libraries

What does Neah mean in Swedish?

Neah doesn't mean anything in Swedish, but it might be a name?

What does Brian mean in Swedish?

It's an English name... It doesn't mean anything in Swedish.