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Hester suggest that he should goes to England with her and pearl but also confront roger prynne

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Hester suggests that Dimmesdale should flee with her and Pearl to start a new life elsewhere. She believes that escaping from Chillingworth's revenge and the judgment of the Puritan society would ultimately be better for Dimmesdale's well-being and happiness.

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Q: What does Hester suggest when dimmesdale finds out that roger chillingworth is out for revenge and he is going to be a miserable life for him?
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What does chillingworth suggest is the cause dimmesdale's suffering?

Chillingworth suggests that Dimmesdale is suffering because of something that he is not admitting and that something is bothering him (hinting of a relationship between him and Hester.)

What does chillingworth inply by no not thine?

When Chillingworth says "No, not thine," he is rejecting the possibility that Dimmesdale's guilt and suffering are a result of external pressures or influences. Chillingworth believes that Dimmesdale's torment is self-inflicted and deeply rooted within himself. This dismisses any explanations that suggest someone else is responsible for Dimmesdale's internal struggles.

What future plans does Hester suggest to Dimmesdale as a way to escape Chillingworth?

Hester suggests that Dimmesdale should leave Boston and start a new life elsewhere. She proposes that they go together to Europe, where they can find peace and escape Chillingworth's hold over them. She believes that a fresh start in a new place is their best chance at happiness and freedom.

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Dimmesdale appears feeble and frail, with a hand over his heart as if in pain or distress. His gestures and expressions suggest inner torment and suffering, contrasting with the celebratory atmosphere of the procession. This stark contrast highlights Dimmesdale's inner turmoil and guilt.

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