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It usually means In Progress ...meaning the class has not ended or the student has not completed the coursework yet, but still has time to finish.

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In progress.

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Q: What does IP mean for a college grade?
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What does the letter I mean on your college Transcript mean?

You have a class with an Incomplete grade. Some work has not been handed in or a test not taken.

What you mean by IP?

IP means Internet Protocol

What grade is a 86 percent?

The grade speaks for itself. If you mean a letter grade, that would depend on the grade-scale which would depend on how hard the test or exercise was. In my grade school that score would have been a "C'. In my college classes, a "B".

What does it mean to be an eighth grader?

You passed 7th grade and all other grades below it an now are in 8th grade. (At least in America.) Cuz in US, you have kindergarten, then 1st-12th grade, and then college. :)

Do they look at your 7th or 8th grade grades?

If by THEY you mean people that are looking at your past records for college, then yes.

What does ip in ip fuse box mean?

instrument panel

Does 5 grade count for college?

it does 10 grade

Whatorder does senoir and sophmoer go in?

The order is Freshman - 9th grade or first year of college Sophomore - 10th grade or second year of college Junior - 11th grade or third year of college Senior - 12th grade or fourth/last year of college

How does a computer identify itself on a network?

The IP Address identifies a PC on a network. Source: I am an IT student in College :)

Is London college of commerce an A grade college?

It blacklist

1992 cutlas ciera ip light came on what does ip mean?

IP stands for instrument panel.

What grade does college end?

College does not follow "grade numbering" and one may remain in college as long as one wants to get additional degrees.