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ITT in ITT Technical Institute stands for International Telephone & Telegraph.

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International Telephone & Telegraph Technical Institue

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Q: What does ITT stand for in ITT Tech?
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What does ITT stand?

Whether referring to ITT Tech or ITT Corporation, ITT stands for International, Telephone and Telegraph.

What does ITT-tech stand for?

Institute of telephones and telegraphs

What does ITT tech stand for?

It stands for International Telephone and Telegraph.ITT Tech is owned and operated by ITT Educational Services, Inc.. ITT Educational Services, Inc. was spun off by ITT Corporation through an initial public offering in 1994, with parent company ITT as an 83% shareholder. ITT Tech licenses the "ITT" name from ITT Corporation, which originates from the latter company's original name "International Telephone & Telegraph".

Does itt tech have an out state tuition?

no Itt tech is an privite institute

How old do you have to be to go to ITT Tech?

DO NOT GO TO ITT TECH!!! It is a waste of time and $14,490. TRUST ME!!!

Did any famous people go to ITT Tech?

No, famous people have went to ITT Tech. ITT tech offers associates, bachelors, and master's degrees in various majors.

Where can you find student reviews of ITT tech?

ITT Tech's website has a few student reviews and some videos that are uploaded on youtube are also directed towards ITT Tech Reviews. If you type in, ITT Tech Reviews you get a large list of student reviews.

Does itt tech have clubs?


Does ITT Tech have sports?


How can one access the ITT Tech Virtual Library?

In order to access the ITT Tech Virtual Library, one needs the proper credentials. Such credentials are only given out to individuals who are enrolled at ITT Tech.

Gpa requirements for itt tech?

Check with ITT Tech for exact qualifications but I don't believe that they require excellent grades.

What classes do you have to take to get your welding degree at ITT Tech?

does itt offer welding