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That means 'I hate men' in English.

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Q: What does Ich hasse Manner mean in English?
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What does Ich hasse dich nich mean in English?

Ich hasse dich nicht translates as I don't hate you.

What does 'ich hasse Schule' mean in English?

I hate school.

What does Ich liebe dich no ich hasse dich mean?

Ich liebe dich nein ich hasse dich = I love no I hate you

What does 'ich hasse es auch' mean?

Ich hasse es auch is I hate it too in German.

Ich hasse mein Leben mean in German?

"I hate my life" translates in to German as "Ich hasse mein Leben"

When was Ich hasse Musik created?

Ich hasse Musik was created in 2003.

What is the English phrase 'I hate' in German?

Ich hasse is the German translation of 'I hate'.

What does ich hasse diesen Tag mean?

it means I hate this day.

What does the sentence 'ich hasse mich und ich möchte sterben' mean in English?

The former translates to "I hate myself" and the latter translates to "I would like to die."

What does Ich hasse?

I hate

How do you say 'shut up I hate you' in German?

Well I'm German and we would say "Halt die Klappe! Ich hasse dich!" ------------------------------------------ First I'll give you the words in English, then in German, then how to pronounce it. Shut up- Halt die klappe- halt dee clapper I- Ich- Itch Hate- Hasse- hasse you- dich- ditch So the sentence would be: Halt die klappe! Ich hasse dich!

Ich hasse sie?

I hate her/them/you (formal)