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It means "one tail" or "one tailed"

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What is the ichibi in Naruto?

I keep messing this up!!! Ichibi is Shukauku the one-tailed biju.

What are the names of the bijuu?

Kyuubi - Kurama Yonbi - Son Goku Ichibi - Shukaku

Who is garaa's tailed beast which is sealed in him?

Ichibi no Shukaku is gaara's tailed beast which is sealed in him

What episode is Naruto vs Gaara in Ichibi mode?

I think it was episodes 33-37

Why does jugo turn into a kid?

Jugo gives some of his flesh to sasuke to repair the internal injuries damaged by ichibi

Is Tobi a beast name?

No it is not. If you are referring to the episode where Tobi was with Didara in the dango shop when he said "Ichibi, Nibi, Tobi!" then no it was just Tobi being stupid.

What is the one tail in naruto?

The One Tail is Shukaku (aka Ichibi no Shukaku). Its the Tanuki that possesses (possessed, if you're far enough into Shippuden) Gaara of the Sand. ^^

What has the author Misato Hamada written?

Misato Hamada has written: 'Uo o ichibi, sabaketara!?' -- subject(s): Cookery (Fish), Cookery, Japanese, Japanese Cookery

Did Gaara die?

In naruto ship, gaara died when akatsuki extracted the shukaku. Those jinchuuriki whose ichibi are extracted would die. Gaara died but grandma chiyo revived him and died.

Where are the bijuu sealed?

Where the Bijuu are sealed is really only depending on which group you're talking about. In the Akatsuki, Pein summons the King of Hell statues to hold the bijuu until they're ready to be used. In the villages, they seal the bijuu into children who they think can hold the bijuu. If they cannot find a suitable host for the bijuu, then they seal the bijuu into an object. In example, the Ichibi was sealed into a pot until they inserted the Ichibi directly into Gaara, who was still in his mother's womb. Hope I helped. >3>

Who kilt Gaara?

in shippuden, the ichibi is removed by akotski, which results in his death, but he is brought back to life with the technique of one of the sand village elders with narutos help. the tecnique can only be used by her and she dies using it

What happened to Gaara without the kyubi?

Gaara does not and never had Kyuubi (Nine-Tails). That is Naruto's Jinchuuriki. Gaara has the Ichibi (One-Tails). And Sasori's grandmother, Chiyo, brings him back to life at the cost of her own.

Naruto is a nine tail fox?

Hardly. Naruto is the nine-tail (Kyuubi) fox's human container, much like Gaara is (was?) the container of the one-tail (Ichibi). For the most part Kyuubi is bad, but he helps Naruto out every now and then knowing that Naruto's death means his own. Of course, he has hidden agendas (such as escaping...), but in the manga Naruto fights him and with the help of the eight-tails container (Hachibi Jinchuuriki) he takes Kyuubi's chakra. Prior to that, whenever Naruto used Kyuubi's chakra he would also be subject to his will of darkness and he'd go slightly mad. Gaara is not the controller of the Ichibi its called the Shukaku

What are the names of the demons from Naruto?

Ichibi - Shukaku - Raccon Dog Nibi - Nekomata - Cat Sanbi - Isonade - Turtle Yonbi - Sokou - Reptile Gobi - Houkou - Dog Rokubi - Raijuu - Weasel Shichibi - Kaku - Badger Hachibi - Hachimata - Octopus Kyuubi - Youko - Fox

Is shukaku stronger than kyuubi?

Nope. Kyuubi is the strongest. The Bijuu's level of power comes from the amount of tails they have, 1 being the weakest and 9 being the strongest. Shukaku is the weakest, as he is the Ichibi (1-Tail). Kyuubi literally translates as "9-Tails" which is what the English version calls him.

When Sasuke fought ichibi did jugo turn into a kid?

jugo along with some others were sent by akaski to retrieve killer bee, who is the 8 tails. Sasuke gets severely injured and to save him jugo gave him some of his skin, which made him younger, this happens in naruto shippuden, episode 143 sasuke vs eight-tails

Is Hinata a Jinchuriki?

Answer:Okay! There are 9 Bijuu. Ichibi, Ninbi, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi, Shichibi; Hachibi and KyuubiThe Ichibi was sealed into the body of Gaara. It was captured by the Akatsuki in Shippuuden. The Kyuubi was sealed inside the body of Naruto. The rest (Ninbi- Shichibi) They were captured by the Akatsuki.Hosts:Ichibi- Gaara (captured by Deidara)Ninbi- Yugito (captured by Hidan and Kakuzu)Sanbi- (captured by Deidara and Tobi)Yonbi- ???(captured by kisame)Gobi-??? (captured)Rokubi-Utakata (captured by Pain)Shichibi-??? (captured)Hachibi- Killer beeKyuubi- Naruto Uzumaki (Right on chapter 418, Pein and his clones are after Naruto but later get killed by sage mode naruto)One more thing: Chapter 420 showed all the Hosts of the Jinchuurikis as a treat to celebrate 9 years of work and the answer is simply no!but just because she isn't the tenth jinchuriki doesn't mean there isn't of chapter 467 it has been proven that the sage of the six paths had protected the world from the ten tailed jubi hundreds of years ago and sealed it inside himself for far greater power.the ten tailed jubi is a conglomeration of the all the tailed beasts and has one giant sharingan eye. with the rinnegan. (this might be where the sharingan originated)the sage had become so powerful that he was revered as a god.on his death bed he knew that when he died the jubi would be released, therefore he split its chakra into 9 different beasts and its body was sent to the sky and it became the moon

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How does Gaara from Naruto die?

He gets taken down by Deidara and is brought to the Akatsuki's hide out where they extract his kyuubi.He doesn't permanently die though because Chiyo uses a life transferring technique to bring him back to life in exchange for hers.There is only one mistake I see in your answer. Gaara does not contain Kyuubi, Naruto does. There are different names for each bijuu. Ichibi, Niibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi, Shichibi, Hachibi, and Kyuubi. 1-9 in that order. Gaara contains Ichibi.Gaara died by having his biiju taken out of him by Akatsuki after he was captured by Deidara. But he was brought back to life by elder chiyo (Sasori's grandma) in exchange for her own life but at the moment Gaara is still alive.technically he doesn't- Deidara from Akatsuki capture him and they suck out his Jinkchuriki (One tailed Shukaku) and when they do that, you cannot survive that, so Gaara is left with no soul, only a shell. But Lady Chiyobaa Uses the Ultimate Medical Ninjutsu and Gives her life to him with the help of Naruto. Thus, Gaara is brought back to life, but no longer a Jinkchuriki.Hope this helps you!- Narutofan2000

What demons were taken by the Akatsuki?

as of now the akatsuki have caught: garaa, the host of the 1st tale ICHIBI yugito nii,the host of the 2 tales, NIBI sanbi,the host of the 3 tails,SANBI roushi,the host of the 4 tails,YONBI gobi,the host of the 5 tails,GOBI shichibi,the host of the 7 tails,SHICHIBI and killer bee the host of the 8 tails,hachibi though that killer be is the most recent to be captured by sasuke. the 6th and 9 tails are still left..i think;)

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How do you spell mean?


What Naruto Shippuden characters die and how?

Deidara dies from his own explosive.Itachi dies from wound inflicted by Sasuke.Sasori is impaled through the chest by two katana wielding puppets.Kisame is killed by the Hachibi's jinchuriki "Killer Bee"Nagato (Pein or Pain) overuse of chakra.Gaara was killed by the extraction of Shukaku the Ichibi then revived.Jiraiya was killed by pain when he had his throat crushed.Kakashi used the Mangekyou Sharingan to much and expended his last bit of chakra. He was later revived by Negato (Nagato)There are a few others I didn't mention

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