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It symbolizes the Gaelic Catholic tradition of Ireland.

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Q: What does Irish Green mean?
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If my poop is green doesn't it mean I am Irish?


Irish flag what does the red part mean?

There is no red on the Irish flag. The Irish flag is green, white and orange.

How do you say green in Irish?

Green. The Irish speak English...

What does pรกirc mean in Irish?

páirc - field/park (a large green area)

Why are the Boston Celtics green?

Boston is an Irish city, the color of the Irish is green

Do Irish people have green blood?

No, Irish people don't have green blood. We're Irish people, not leprechauns. This is coming from an Irish person.

What does blue and green mean in Ireland?

In Ireland blue is the national color of Ireland, while green represents Irish Catholics.

According to Ireland what does the color green mean?

On the Irish flag it represents the nationalist people.

What does the color green mean on Zambia's flag?

Showing Connor O'Leary's Irish Heritege.

What green is Irish green?

The regular, average green

What does green and black nautical stars mean?

Green and black Nautical star tattoos to my knowledge are a symbol for Irish strength and diversity

Are there green eyed Irish people?

Yes, I'm a green eyed person of Irish desent.

What are the school colors for Freedom High School?

If you mean in Wisconsin, Green & Gold. It means Irish.

Why did Queen Victoria forbid the Irish from wearing green?

The Irish are infamous for poaching the nobilities estates. When the Irish wore green it was to hard to see them.

What the Irish colors on the flag mean?

Green on the Irish flag represents the Irish nationalist tradition. Orange is for the unionist tradition, coming from William of Orange, and white is for the peace between the two groups.

How many shades of green do there be in the Irish flag?

Green appears once on the Irish flag, so there is only one shade of green on it.

What are Irish colors?

Green is the main colour associated with Ireland. The Irish flag is green, white and orange.

Why does wearing red on Saint Patrick's Day get you kissed?

I think you mean green, red has no obvious connection to St. Patricks day. you are kissed when you wear green because everyone is Irish, and who doesn't love to be Irish for a day?

What is an Irish Lad?

you in green tights you in green tights

How do you say green beer in Irish?

Green Beer.

How do you say green in Ireland?

the Irish for green is "glas"

What does the name orna mean?

Orna in Hebrew mean pine tree. The male version of this name is Oren. In Irish, it means pale green

What colors are in the Irish flag?

The irish flag is green, white, and orange.

Is their Amber in the Irish flag?

No. The Irish flag is green, white and orange.

What does white mean on Irish flag?

Peace . . . i.e. between the Catholic (Green) and the Protestant (Orange, as in William of) faiths