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Chris owns several wholesale apparel businesses

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Q: What does Jacqueline Laurita's husband do?
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Who is Jacqueline wilsons husband?

Her husband is called Millar Wilson

Does Jacqueline Wilson have another husband?

No she doesn't have another husband.

What is Jacqueline husband call?


Why did Jacqueline Wilson's husband leave her?

Jacqueline Wilson divorced her husband, Millar Wilson, in 2004. There is no public information as to why they got a divorce.

Who is Jacqueline wilsons husband called?

Her husband is called Millar Wilson

Who is her husband Jacqueline Wilson?

Harry Wilson

What is Jacqueline wilsons husband called?


What age was Jacqueline wilsons daughter when Jacqueline Wilson separated with her husband?

38 years old

What was Jacqueline kennedy's fear?

That her children would be killed, like her husband and her husband's brother.

What is the name of Jacqueline Wilson's husband?

Harry Wilson

Has Jacqueline Wilson got a boyfriend?

She has got a husband

Who was Jacqueline wilsons husband?

william miller wilson