What does Jay Adams tattoo say on his neck?


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menace to society

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There are three words. I'm having trouble making out the first word, but the next two are "To Society". It might be "Murder To Society", but I'm not sure.

Gerard doesn't have a tattoo on his neck. He's afraid of needles so he doesn't have any tattoo's.

He has a lot on his neck. One of them says Weezy with a W above it.

Rihanna's tattoo says "rebelle fleur," which is French roughly for rebellious flower.

Lil Durk has multiple tattoos, including some on his neck. The one on his neck says 'Blessed". He appears to like the tattoo lifestyle and wrote a song about tattoos.

"The tattoo on my neck says 'ataahua', which means beautiful in Maori," he told Australian media.

It says 'Ataahua' which means beautiful in Maori language.

It says RIP DAD in fancy writing.His tattoo says this because his dad died. :'(

Iris his fathers initials his dads name is Lenard Gordon Pearce

The tattoo on Dappy's back says " dad" as his dad (Tulisa's uncle) died a few years ago. RIP Dad. x

I'd say get it around or right under you neck if you can show it off. if not lower side of your calf near you ankle.

The name is "Ataahua" it is 'beautiful' in maori. The Reason Stan Walker has that on his neck is because its the name of his daughter that was miscarried

the one on his neck says Rip Dad and the one on his arm says dappy n-dubz

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There are no pictures and no reports that say Missy Peregrym has a tattoo.

you say ''kaluththu'' in order to say neck in tamil

How do you say kiss neck in spanish

it's eazy all you have to say is jay jay acacho

Chad Sugg's tattoo says "Easy.lucky.free."

According to Kopecky, Toews has a tattoo but he didn't say where/of what.

it depends where you get it Yes, it's just a question of how much. People vary; their tolerance to pain varies, both compared to other people and depending how chipper they're feeling. Long tattoo sessions can become very painful. A topical anaesthetic such as Emla cream can greatly reduce tattoo pain. it depends on where you get the tattoo and on the person. Some people say the foot, ankle, hand, or neck are the worst spots to get a tattoo, but other people have said their hand tattoo was one of the least painful tattoos they've had.

you say jay like the letter j or like 'jay-z' you say Sean exactly like 'Sean' paul: "shaun"

The tattoo on his chest is Matthew 20:16.

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