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Q: What does Je naime pas couriril est trop difficile mean?
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What does trop difficile à tenir mean?

trop difficile à tenir is tranlslated 'too difficult to hold'. "tenir" may also be understood as in 'tenir une promesse', to stand true to a promise or commitment.

How do you say it's too hard in French?

C'est trop difficile.

How do you say too hot to handle in french?

trop difficile à tenir

What does On Est Trop Jeunes mean in French?

on est trop jeunes = we are too young

What does trop mean?

Too much of.

What does qu'il est trop mean in French?

... qu'il est trop ... means ... that he is too much ... in French.

What does parle trop mean in English?

Il / elle parle trop means He / she speaks too much.

What does trop vite mean?

too fast

What does trop dur mean?

too hard

What does trop de mean?

Too much of.

What does Vous êtes trop aimable gentil mean in french?

Vous êtes trop aimable / gentilYou are too kind. (when thanking someone)

What does pas trop vite mean?

it means not too fast