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Jesus is God

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Q: What does Jesus say about god?
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Why If Jesus is God why doesnt he ever say that he IS GOD?

In Christianity, Jesus does not say he is God. Jesus is the son of God.

Does the bible say that Jesus is the son of God?

Yes--jesus is the begotten son of god....

What did Jesus say you were?

children of God

Why do they say that Jesus is the son of God when God say he beget nor begotting any children?

God wanted to come down to earth in a human form. That's when he created Jesus Jesus was god but not in god's heavenly form.

Did Jesus say you are one with God?

you are not one with god. but you can walk with him.

How do you say god sent?

God sent Jesus Christ.

Who did Jesus say he had power over?


What is the difference between God and Jesus?

God is the source of all things and Jesus is his son wherein some say Jesus is God himself in human form.

How did Jesus get the Holy Spirit?

Jesus said it himself in the Bible that "I and my father are one" so whatever God possess He possess. Jesus was invested by the Holy Spirit by turning His soul in the direction of God. When you consider Jesus, you can say this is God, you can say He is the image of God, you can say the Holy Spirit is reflected in Him, and you can say He is a son of man, the child of Mary and Joseph.

How do you say Jesus is God in Arabic?

God in Arabic is Allah. Jesus in arabic is isa Jesus is not god! ---- Above you see, what a Muslim thinks. Christians might say: يسوع المسيح هو الله Which is like "Yesua alMasih huwa Allah" (Jesus Christ is the God)

Where does the Bible say Jesus is God?

A:A reference to Jesus as God is found in John 1:1: " In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God," with the 'Word' (Greek: Logos) intended here as a reference to Jesus. Some linguists say the correct translation might be "and the Word was a god," which would also explain the following verse: "The same was in the beginning with God."

Is it true that jesus is jehova?

Actually,no Jesus is Jehova's son and Jehova is our god some people think that jesus is our god but alot of people say jehova is our god.

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