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What does Kiap mean in Singapore?

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Means like, to grasp or to get stuck in between two objects apparently.

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What are the 4 buildings in a marae called?

kepa kiap

Is the UK better than Singapore?

no...i have been there and there is lot of things that Singapore is better at than Singapore,i mean money-wise...they have better facilities

What does MRT mean in Singapore?

MRT is the abbreviation of Mass Rapid Transit. In Singapore, you would call it SMRT (S for Singapore). It is one of the main transport structures in Singapore and it is the train system.

It is from stamford raffles?

If you mean Singapore then yes.

What does 'Singapura' mean?


What timezone is Singapore in?

Singapore is 8 hours ahead of UTC, meaning that to get the time in Singapore add 8 hours to the time in London (Greenwich Mean Time).

What does Majulah Singapura mean?

It means 'Onward Singapore'.

If it is 13.00 hrs in Dublin what time is it in Singapore?

Dublin is at (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT. Singapore is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT +8 hours, ie. 8 hours ahead of Greenwich, England. If it is 13:00 in Dublin, it is 21:00 in Singapore.

Time difference between UK and Singapore?

The UK is at (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT. Singapore is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT +8 hours, ie. 8 hours ahead of Greenwich, England. Singapore is 8 hours ahead of the UK. (Daylight savings not taken into account.)

Why does Singapore hosts Singapore?

If you are asking why its 'Singapore,singapore', its because there is only one state in Singapore

Singapore is the Capital of what coutry?

Singapore is the capital of Singapore as Singapore has no capital.

What is the time difference between Singapore and England?

England (London) is at (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT. Singapore is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT +8 hours, ie. 8 hours ahead of Greenwich, England. England is 8 hours behind Singapore. (Daylight savings not taken into account.)

What does PTE mean in Singapore?

Public Trading Enterprise - Normally abbreviated as "PTE."

What are the largest cities in Singapore?

Uh .. Singapore is a country, with one city, which is Singapore .. That's why on addresses, it is seen as Singapore, Singapore .

What is the tagline of Singapore?

Taglines: Uniquely Singapore.Live it up in Singapore!Surprising Singapore

What is tha capital of Singapore?

The capital of Singapore is.... Singapore.

What is the mean temperature of Singapore?

The average temperature of Singapore is about 23°C to 31°C. Singapore is summer all-year-round as it is located near the Equator, and its rainy seasons are during May to July and end-October to early-February.

What does travel sectors mean?

How many 'zones' you have traveled. Eg, if you traveled from sydney to london via singapore, then you will have travelled in two sectors, one to singapore and one to london.

Capital of Singapore?

Singapore is a city state and country of its own. Singapore doesn't have a capital, but the correct term of the capital you find in a atlas would be "Capital of Singapore: Singapore, Singapore"

What are the names of 5 star hotels in Singapore?

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa Ascott Raffles Place Singapore Capella Singapore Hotel Hotel Centennial Singapore Rating Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport Fairmont Hotel Singapore Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore Grand Park City Hall Hotel Grand Park Orchard Singapore Hotel Hilton Hotel Singapore InterContinental Hotel Singapore Mandarin Orchard Singapore Hotel Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore Marina Bay Sands Singapore Hotel Marina Mandarin Singapore Naumi Hotel Singapore Orchard Parksuites Serviced Residences Singapore Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Singapore Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel Raffles Hotel Singapore Rating Regency House Serviced Residences Singapore Royal Plaza On Scotts Singapore Scarlet Hotel Singapore(The) Shangri-La Hotel Singapore Sheraton Towers Singapore Singapore Marriott Hotel Swissotel The Stamford Singapore The Regent Singapore - A Four Seasons Hotel

Capital city of Singapore?

The capital of Singapore is simply Singapore.

In which country is the city 'Singapore'?

Singapore is a country itself.

What state is Singapore in?

Singapore is an independent country. Its capital is Singapore.

In which country is the city of Singapore?

The city of Singapore is in the country of Singapore.

Where is the capital Singapore located?

Singapore does not have a Capital. In fact, the Oxford Dictionary states the Capital of the city of Singapore as Singapore. Singapore is really small, that's why.

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