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LLC stands for Limited Liability Company.

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2012-11-14 14:04:30
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Q: What does LLC stand for in a business title?
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What does LLC after a business name stand for?

LLC = Limited Liability Company It is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Limited Liability Corporation. However, an LLC can file taxes as either a Discarded Entity, a Corporation or a Partnership.

Does a comma go before LLC?

The comma goes after the business between the name and the LLC. Business Company, LLC

What does the designation LC stand for in business names?

It the European equivalent of LLC and means "Limited Company", a form of partnership.

Does a Tennessee handyman need a license?

To be a Tennessee handyman, a business license is required. A business title is also required. It would have to be a sole owner, an LLC, or a partnership..

What does the LLC stand for in Indiana LLC?

The LLC in Indiana LLC stands for "Limited Liability Company". LLC companies blend corporate structure with partnership qualities.

What does a cbo title mean?

In business, CBO can stand for Chief Banking Officer or Chief Business Official

How do you write out limited liability company in a title?

The limited liability company should be written in a title as LLC. The owners of an LLC are called â??members.â?? An LLC may have one or more members.

What is Pershing LLC's motto?

Pershing LLC's motto is 'Your Business Without Limits'.

What does llc stand for?

Limited Liability Company

Is a llc business insurance?

No,, LLC is a Limited Liability Company. It's a type of a incorporation.

Who signs w-9 when it is an llc?

The Business Owner if single-member llc, Accountant.

Is there a comma after LLC?

No, there usually is not a comma after LLC. However, it will depend on the business and how the company was registered.

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