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Answer: A satellite dish is a parabolic antenna designed to receive microwave signals from communications satellites, which transmit data transmissions or broadcasts, such as Satellite Television. In home based systems, the parabolic shape of a dish reflects these signals to the dish's focal point. Mounted on brackets at the dish's focal point is a device called a feedhorn. The feedhorn is essentially the front-end of a waveguide that gathers the signals at or near the focal point and 'conducts' them to a low-noise blockdown converter or LNB. The LNB converts the signals from electromagnetic or radio waves to electrical signals and shifts the signals from the downlinked C-band (older generation of satellite signals requiring 10 to 12 foot dish diameters) or Ku-band (current generation of satellite signals requiring 10 to 12 inch dish diameters) to the L-band range. Direct broadcast satellite dishes use an LNBF, which integrates the feedhorn with the LNB.

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Universal LNB 09750 to 10600Mhz frequency range

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Q: What does LNB stand for on a satellite system?
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Where can someone purchase a LNB satellite?

LNB satellite dishes are used for telecommunications. The LNB stands for low noise block and it is the part of the dish that collects the lowest frequencies. Your satellite TV distributor should be able to help you get hold of one.

What is the function of an LNB for satellite television?

LNB stands for Low Noise Block. This device amplifies the weak incoming signal from the satellite and converts it to a signal that is usable by the television.

What device modulates outgoing signals and demodulates incoming signals?

To receive a Satellite signal, you need a LNB which is attached to your satellite dish--The LNB and dish is determined by which satellite TV service you have--either Dish Network or DirecTV. The satellite dish is pointed in a particular direction to pick up the correct satellite orbiting the sky. You will also need a satellite receiver, which is "wired" to the LNB and also is attached to your television.

What is the best type of cable for LNB to satellite receiver?

RG-6 cable.

What is the maximum length for satellite cable lnb to receiver?

Approximately 100 feet.

What are the System requirements for a tv tuner card?

System Requirements:Windows 2000/XP/Vista LinuxDirectX9.0 or later VersionAvailable PCI slotCD-Rom(Driver and Software Installation)Satellite Dish and LNB

Why do LNB's have to be mounted close to the satellite dish?

The LNB takes the signal reflected off the dish, sends that signal through the coax cable to the receiver, where the receiver decodes the signal unlocking the channels you subscribe to.

Can you use a directv dish with a dishnetwork receiver?

Just to clarify on the answers given. The LNBs are different for DISH Network and DTV along with the receivers. The LNB and receiver takes the signal from the satellite and gives you your signal on your TV. As stated, you can't use different receivers and LNB from different companies. The dish outside does not matter, just the LNB and receiver. Simply, no. The satellite dishes use different switching schemes internally for accessing the satellite transponders. Bull....loney. I'm using an old 18" DirecTv dish to receive signals from a Dishnetworks satellite at 119W. The satellite receivers will be different because different signalling protocols are used.

How can make sat dish?

The best form of dish is a Parabolic Dish - This captures the digital signal and because of its concave form bounces the signal to an LNB ( stands for Low Noise Block) and it is the receiving end of a satellite dish. The LNB must be pointing directly to the satellite overhead in orbit to receive the strongest and clearest signal. As with a normal TV antenna, it may be required for you to adjust the LNB in order to receive the highest quality (strongest and clearest) satellite signals available

Will a 3 LNB Direct TV dish work with a Dish Network receiver?

No, there is a receiver in between. An LNB is a 'Low Noise Block'. The 'block' refers to a block of frequencies (not a magic box). It is a low noise amplifier and converter. It changes the microwaves from the satellite signal, to a different, lower frequency that the satellite receiver can handle. A voltage is usually put on the coax from the satellite box. This selects whether the polarized signal received by the LNB, is horizontal or vertical.

Can a dish network lnb receice DirecTV signal?

DISH Network receivers decode the satellite signal using the receiver and the LNB on the dish outside of the home. The LNBs are unique to each company and can't be used by the other. In answer to your question, no.

Can you use a dishnet pro 500 satellite dish and L and B for tunning in a direct tv signal?

No, you are not able to use the LNB from DISH Network and receive dtv signal. Our receivers and LNB decode the signal to bring the picture to your TV.